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Posted in Press Releases by CS Labels on 13:36 July 16th, 2013
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Digital labelling – revolutionising brands, transforming businesses

 The Xeikon Cafe that we
co-hosted recently showcased how marketers,  packaging designers and graphic  professionals can increase sales using digital  label innovation.

 The industry event featured sessions run by  digital print leaders and providers of  associated technologies, and was well  attended by other converters who are making,  or have made the switch to digital.

As one of the only 100% digital label manufacturers in Europe and one of the largest we were delighted to take a leading role. The various presentations, followed by an in-depth factory tour of a 100% digital print house, was a sure fire way to convince others in the industry that digital is not only the future, but the here and now when it comes to enhancing a client’s brand and taking their product to a totally new level.

 Hans Geriknckx from Xeikon echoes our  sentiments that although the short run  flexibility of digital is a benefit, alone it doesn’t  even scratch the surface when it comes to the  bottom line. Every single label that comes off  a digital press is obviously consistently  printed to an incredible high quality, but in  essence, is actually variable, a unique  specimen. So why not take advantage of this?  Combining multiple security features ensures  extreme brand label security and confidence,  and creative and personalised product label strategies can knock the socks off competition (Coca Cola are proving this, their Share a Coke program is here in the UK now and their Aussie version was said to be a contributor to a 4% increase in sales).

Above: Limited edition Staffordshire Brewery ales, with personalised reverse. Printed by CS Labels

Selecting the right label material for your product was the order of the day for John Hill from Herma. On the issue of food safety and packaging, he explained how their unique substrates that feature multi-layer coating technology can help solve all kinds of label issues and avoid common pitfalls. Choosing their low-migration adhesive means that special packaging with barrier properties to protect food and beverage are a thing of the past.

 Jeroen Van Bauwel of Xeikon spoke about added value  technologies, many of which we ourselves have found  to be gamechanging. For example using award winning  VariLane to combine multiple print jobs on to one reel  means we can be competitive, flexible and offer  customers a bespoke solution that suits their needs.  Watch a short film of VariLane here.

Finally our own Managing Director, Simon Smith, led everyone through the CS Labels journey in digital printing. Simon’s bold move in 2008 to completely switch from flexographic & screen print to digital printing was discussed in-depth, culminating this year with another investment of £1.5m into digital technology, plant expansion, and the taking on of six further employees who are multi skilled and continuously developed.

 At CS labels we focus on innovation, pushing at  boundaries and thinking outside box – sentiments that  are also reflected in our customers desire to use  labelling as a key driver to excel their product sales  and brand equity. “We want more players in the  industry”, Simon said, fully aware that there were key  competitors in the audience. More players means that  the market can flourish and we can create even more  awareness of how digital can plug revenue gaps, blowing all other technologies completely out of the water in this regard. CS are confident in their capabilities and the proof is in the pudding, more players means more choices for clients. And as leading Food & Beverage Journalists such as Claire Phoenix quite rightly point out, time is of the essence, as well as safety, and backed by quality, digital is simply a no brainer for anyone making decisions on labels.

And it’s not just for labels – Simon talked about how CS use digital print on a variety of products - peel and reveal labels (2/3 ply with 3, 4, or 5 pages), double sided window stickers with option of variable data both sides, metallic colours to enhance brand image, double sided card, personalisation and variable data, wellington boot decals, wall charts and height charts, laminate flooring, shelf strips, and even personalised sugar sachets.

 After a spot of lunch the Xeikon Cafe  branded bus arrived to transport  delegates to our digital label  manufacturing plant in Willenhall.  During breakout sessions Adam  James, Production Manager and  James Hawkins, Studio Manager  delivered an informative presentation  on how our brand new in-house  configured pre-flight system amongst  other features auto-checks artwork to  increase quality control, reduces time  and lowers costs for customers. It’s  also better for the environment as print jobs are pre-qualified before they hit the press (no more back and forth and no more wasted materials!).

Our unique pre-flight system is a benchmark for the digital packaging and labelling industry. It ensures we get it right every time to the best of the technological capability; it verifies the artwork and calibrates the colours across each of our presses ensuring the consistency and quality that FMCG brands require.

Above: Adam (L) and James (R), discuss how through pre-flight we’re reducing risk and increasing quality, for customers!

Finally delegates went hands on around the CS Labels plant, and as with all factory tours questions were abundant. As you can see our experienced staff are used to sharing knowledge and chatting to customers, and as converting industry folk were present, today was no exception!

If you would like more information about this event, or about how digital print can be game-changing for a brand, please contact us.