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Xeikon Toners

Posted in CS Labels News by James Hawkins on 13:33 September 06th, 2013
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Xeikon Toner Production

What is toner?

A toner is a powdered pigment which has an electrical charge so that it can be attracted to a drum or plate for application to your self adhesive labels. The toner is fed into our Xeikon machines where it is attracted in the right quantities or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to create the image you wish to print. This Toner is then heated to liquify the toner and bound to the substrate.

Below is a great video from Xeikon of the processes involved in creating toner for the Xeikon Presses here at CS Labels:

Major advantages of digital Toner:

  1. Xeikon Toner is FDA approved as food-safe for direct food contact for use on your food labels.

  2. Xeikon Toner colours do not fade quickly in sunlight unlike many other inks

  3. It is produced using green electricity from renewable energy sources.

  4. Xeikon Toners are eco-friendly. They do not emit any hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) during production or use. In addition, they are fully de-inkable and recyclable.

If you would like more information or to discuss how Xeikon Toners or digital print could benefit your self adhesive labels, call our sales team today!