Digital Label printing with the Xeikon 3300

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 13:20 April 22nd, 2014
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CS Labels was founded in 1976 as a family screen printer, and today we are one of Europe’s largest digital label printers to use Xeikon technology. The company continues to be family run, and we are proud to have retained the same caring ethics on which the business was founded.
What Is Xeikon 3300 Digital Press?

We have responded to our customer’s ordering patterns, and have developed a more efficient printing press to handle the increasingly quicker turnaround times required. We now use two Xeikon 3300 digital presses which utilize the latest contact fusing technology to produce exceptional high quality, self-adhesive digital labels. The Xeikon is able to print onto a broad range of substrates, using CMYK process colours, which can be laminated or varnished for use in unforgiving environments.  The press is also able to print an opaque white, which is ideal for backing illustrations on clear materials, providing crisp registration and smooth tones, with the digital labels delivered on a roll or in a single format. Additionally, the use of enhanced dry toners as opposed to harmful solvents, results in the Xeikon 3300 being one of the most environmentally friendly digital presses in the world.

Being environmentally friendly is extremely important to us, which is why we employ such a groundbreaking print press. The Xeikon produces no harmful emissions of VOC’s and contains no harmful chemicals and there is no water pollution as the press does not use any processed water.

The Xeikon 3300 not only has a reduced running time due to its impressive printing speed, but also delivers extraordinary colour matching and image clarity with 1,200 dpi printing resolution. These advantages coupled with the presses use of extremely lightfast toner for reduced colour fade, make the Xeikon 3300 the best digital label printing technology available.
CS Labels – Creative Solutions for Digital Labels:

We are able to provide a large array of labels for a range of different markets including:

•    Produce & Food
•    Bottles (Water, Wine, Whiskey etc.)
•    Pet Products
•    Scientific (Thermal, Chemical, Electrical)
•    Barcodes (Standard & QR Codes)
•    Candle Labels
•    Double sided labels

These are just some of the areas in which CS labels can offer our services, with a lot more options available online. CS labels are passionate about working with our customers to create the highest quality digital labels possible. Feel free to contact CS labels by emailing or by telephoning 01902 365840.