Digital Direct Thermal Labels

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by Neil Churchill on 13:11 May 02nd, 2014
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Xeikon digital label printing takes its next great step forward in tackling the direct thermal label market.

Our new Xeikon ‘ICE’ digital print press fuses toner onto a label at a much lower temperature, meaning that full colour digital thermal labels can be printed without the material being damaged or turning black due to the heat required within the press.

Digital label printing offers the benefits of no origination (a reduced upfront cost) and the ICE technology has FDA, Nestlé’ and some European approvals on ink migration.

Ink migration in this case means that the packaging must not transfer any components to the food product in quantities which could endanger human health, or bring about an unacceptable change in the product.

The toners used within our ICE solution are edible.

This beats any conventional press for migration values.

Direct thermal labels in a delicatessen

Have you ever wondered how they can print a deli label with the weight of the produce and the price point for that produce so quickly?

Our clients in this scenario often use direct thermal labels.

Well, direct thermal label printing is the answer.

It’s a special paper the reacts with heat to provide a simple label.

So many companies require a fix, needing smaller runs of the simple product.

Direct thermal labels in the UK berry market.

Millions of direct thermal labels required for the height of the berry season, and clients often run out of labels.

If they re-order, and the minimum order quantity of labels is more than required, label stock can be wasted, especially if the next season’s label design changes.

Using digital, and a technology like the ICE press, a smaller order can be placed that attracts no origination and no upfront cost.

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