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CS Labels Down Under

Posted in CS Labels News by Neil Churchill on 16:20 August 11th, 2015
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CS Labels down under!
Knowledge Sharing about Labels, Stand-up pouches and Digital heat transfers.

As we mentioned a few weeks back, MD Simon Smith and Production Director Adam James were flying out to Australia & New Zealand to present at Xeikon’s Road Show which was entitled:
“How to Build Growth into Your Business”

Over 50 companies attended presentations over the several roadshows and it weas clear to see that digital printing is emerging rapidly in Australia and New Zealand, as it is here in the UK. Label printers are excited about the future, and are anxious to get an even better understanding of the technology and explore the options when it comes to longer print runs.

We are big on knowledge sharing and were more than happy to share key elements of our strategy which has helped us become the largest digital printer using Xeikon in Europe.

Adam presents to the audience.

Here are some snippets of our story as told by MD Simon to journalist Roger Coles from Labels Plus Magazine!
Thanks Roger.

Step one – Think outside of the box, from the outside!

“After being a bank manager for 20 years, I knew nothing about printing and when I was asked to come into the industry, I had no knowledge at all of what I was getting myself into. I think one of the big advantages I bought to the table, was that I approached it from a very different perspective.”

Step two – Go for it, 100%, and be different
“In 2007, digital offered us scope to grow; to improve our productivity; identify new markets, and enable us to differentiate ourselves.
Digital gives you the ability to add value to the product or service you’re offering.”

Step three – Engage with marketeers properly
“We did some mock-ups for a customer, printing on silver polypropylene and a matte laminate.
On that occasion we presented it to the Marketing department, rather than to Procurement.
The marketing people were completely blown away, because it was a significant improvement on what they had been seeking.
Using Colour Logic we were able to pick-out and show off the strength of their message via metallic and over the years we’ve developed an excellent reputation for innovation.”

Step four – Listen to customers, diversify your talents based on what the market needs
“A lot of people want a true ‘no- label-look’ and that presents a fantastic opportunity for us. We have recently launched heat transfer, not a screen print which customers find very interesting. We have an order from a glass manufacturer in Scotland who has secured 50,000 decals for the first time, which they are transferring on to glass. We can also provide transfers suitable for transferring onto wood, aluminium and plastic.”

Step five – Reap the rewards

7 years later we are the largest digital printer using Xeikon in Europe. In 2009, 2011 and in 2013, we won the Flexo Tech Best in Digital as well the Digital Print Award in 2014. Last year we were nominated for SME of the Year. Importantly though we have been able to gain a reputation for innovation, service and quality, and have grown by 25% year-on-year.”

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