Security Labels – Providing Peace of Mind To Product Manufacturers, Retailers and Consumers

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:14 June 28th, 2017
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Although modern technology gives businesses of all sizes a great opportunity to cost-effectively create packaging that works to attract interested browsers to their products – the need for them to also contain security labels cannot be overlooked.

As technology has progressed, the practice of counterfeiting has also progressed. Research suggests about three million consumers every year buy counterfeit goods - ask yourself, how long will it take for your products to be copied?

Why Security Labels?

Used to provide protection against tampering, as well as counterfeiting, security labels offer a sure way of knowing that the product that is being viewed is ‘official’ and is in the utmost best condition. Security printing can vary – the usage of holographs, embossing and barcodes are all common measures taken to ensure the legitimacy of a product. For example, a simple optically-hidden image that your representatives know about can be the difference in knowing if it is indeed your product, or a counterfeit product, that is being sold in the marketplace. Such methods are also employed in the creation of ‘official’ documents, such as passports, licences, credit cards – even now in the cons, as well as the notes, of our currency.

It’s all thanks to the improvement in technology that businesses are now able to bestow more stringent security measures on their products. Whilst this versatility of our technology could work negatively, the fact that we are able to make secret, custom changes to our packaging will give our products a much better level of protection than ever before.

Security Labels

The Different Types of Security Label.

  • Holographic Labels. Throughout history, letters were only received and read if they contained an official seal of the sender. It was this that ensured that the text they were reading was genuine; written by the hand it said it was by. As time moved on and counterfeiting methods grew more sophisticated, new ways of producing such seals needed to be thought of – and today the addition of a sophisticated holographic image is often the tie-breaker between signalling whether a product is genuine, or not.

    Extremely difficult to replicate, the usage of holographic security labels is a very popular security measure with a wide range of product makers. Even our money is designed with such images – which goes to show how secure it is. Most people will be able to spot a fraudulent holographic image right away – as they are only able to be produced by specialist printers, reputable professionals would not consider for a second to reproduce such items, due to the severe penalties faced by those who do.

    It’s easy to see why holographic security labels are popular with businesses – not only are they relatively inexpensive and a tried-and-tested solution, the labels don’t need any specialist methods in order to read or to place upon products – just stick it on and you’re good to go!
  • Asset Labels. When you were a child, did you scrawl words on your belongings that generally said ‘This is my property’, to stop anyone tampering with them? Asset labels work in a similar manner (though more sophisticated, of course)! You may often see such labels placed on equipment in offices, schools or hospitals, carrying text such as ‘THIS IS THE PROPERTY OF...’ with the addition of a barcode, which contains information for the occupants of the building to verify it if they need to.

    One of the great aspects of an asset label is that they can be used in a wide variety of ways, making them ideal for any product and environment. Whether you’re an office looking to protect your equipment, or a warehouse looking to tag and track your stock – using asset labels will be able to provide a deterrent to anyone thinking about stealing it, as well as give you a great opportunity to identify the item as genuine.
  • Anti-Tamper Labels. Back to our historical seal comparison from earlier; only an unbroken official seal provided evidence that the contents of the letter were not read after the sender had sealed it. Working in that style, tamper-evident security labels are designed to break if the packaging has been opened or tampered with. This works as a guarantee that the product hasn’t been used or tampered with – whether it’s for media such as CD’s or DVD’s, mobile phones or medicines. Sometimes the seal is used to prove that the product is genuine and new – for others (such as medicines) they are employed to show that they haven’t been contaminated and are safe to use.

    Security Labels One

High-Quality Security Labels, from CS Labels.

Here, at CS Labels we have a digital solution to suit most of our customers’ and prospective customers’ needs. These include:

  • Holographic images – why pay for expensive holograms when a simple Color Logic style oil slick can be as equally effective?
  • Add a security number, random number, unique number or even someone’s name.
  • Micro text – not visible via the naked eye but under a magnifying glass, the text is very visible.
  • Create a Guilloche pattern – if it’s good enough for the country’s money, it’s good enough for your product.
  • Different toners, brand colour, raised, durable, UV reflected.
  • Optically hidden images.

These are just a few cost effective ways to secure your brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how they are able to protect your products.

Make Your Products Safe And Secure, With CS Labels.

With a wide and varied experience in producing all manner of labelling solutions – whether they’re self-adhesive, peel and reveal or indeed, security labels, we are able to create your perfect bespoke branding tool.

Our experience and longevity in the industry should give an insight into our abilities to move and adapt with the latest changes in technology, as well as the tastes and trends of a wide range of commercial products. Having recently invested in our business, we are now able to boast the ownership of three of the fastest digital printers in the world; all able to print a custom number of labels, no matter their size, shape and features.

If you would like more information on our security labels printing service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our design and print experts today.