The Everyday Uses of Self Adhesive Labels – Helping To Get The Message Out There

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Easy to use and able to display brilliant, clear images, self adhesive labels are arguably the most popular labelling solution of choice for a wide range of industries. Created through the combination of three components; a piece of backing paper, a layer of adhesive and the material intended to display the image, the strength and robustness of the label can be varied dependant on the application it’s used for.


The Common Uses of Self Adhesive Labels

In terms of labelling a product; displaying its branding and information, you can’t go far wrong with these types of labels. The ease in which they can be removed from the backing paper and placed onto a container is their main strength. What’s more, thanks to a high tack of adhesive being used, once the adhesive is stuck there – it can be robust enough to stay on there.

Of course, there are certain products on which the label is intended to be peeled off; these ‘easy peel labels’ will leave little, if any, residue behind. By using a low tack, the labels will be secure enough to be displayed on the product, yet be easy to peel off once purchased, providing a happy medium for manufacturer, retailer and customer.

Product labelling is just one of many uses for these sticky labels. Some of the other common applications of self adhesive labels are:


·         Warning Signs. With health and safety regulations being essential for all public buildings, businesses have found the ease and speed with which they are able to display clear warnings on certain contents and compartments, to be a real positive.

·         Security Labels. On a slightly similar theme, some product manufacturers are compelled to place warning labels on or more specifically, on the seal of their products. With the warning clearly displayed, a self adhesive label can help the company to meet their requirements.

·         Warehousing. Although most warehouses take advantage of modern wireless technology to go about their work, physical labelling still plays a big part in helping to identify certain shipments. When printed, the label will need to be robust, clear and concise – firstly to communicate with the computer system via a bar or QR codes and secondly, to display quick information for the handler. These are all aspects that can be met with self adhesive labels.

·         Additional product details. Using a low-tack, sticky labels can be placed upon the actual product in order to give out further information on its operation. You may see such labels placed on electrical equipment, for example, or on items such as books or CDs. Once the label has been read and understood, the low-tack allows it to be peeled off easily.


Using Self Adhesive Labels As Promotion

Another great use of these sticky labels is for a business to raise awareness of their brand. With company branding and messages able to be printed alongside customised QR codes, the business will easily be able to promote whatever they desire. Just some advantages that can be gained by clear, high-quality self adhesive labels as promotion include:


·         Get information out there. Using sticky labels to present a QR code is a great way to promote additional product information that a business wants to get out to people. A small business, for example, can give out further information about their business; displaying additional content information that would otherwise prove difficult to place on the label’s existing design. QR codes can even be used to create special offers or promotions, building up a loyalty to the brand.

·         A constant advert. The best promotional campaigns are ones that are memorable and can last for a long time. By creating a simple QR code on an easy-to-stick, attractive self adhesive label, a business can have that constant campaign which will continue to intrigue and attract new customers, who stay loyal because of the content that is offered.

·         Cost effective. Best of all, this promotional campaign can be implemented on labels for very little cost. The best value in anything is when we can combine the qualities of a product with the price offered. With sticky labels that are able to display clear images, a business will be making savings on time and cost – and gaining in reputation and custom.


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