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Perhaps the most difficult aspect of creating your own products and making them a success, is that you are up against a number of competitors. In order to get ahead of one another, competing brands may vary up their promotion in order to gain the attention of an interested consumer as they browse the shelf. One, sometimes overlooked, aspect of a brand’s promotion, is the quality of its printed labels.


The Importance of Attractive Printed Labels

Whilst your product may be of a higher quality than those offered by your competitors – how will consumers get to know that fact, if they don’t experience it? When positioned upon a shelf, consumers will be more likely to choose a label that portrays eye-catching colours and crisp modern design that often, provides modern-day innovations, such as QR codes.

If you want to make sure that your brand remains competitive and attractive, you simply cannot afford to let your printed labels to fall out of date and be left behind. By keeping on top of your marketing, you will be consistently appealing to the modern trends and tastes that are dictated by your target audience.


Things To Think About When Updating Your Label Design

When the time comes to introduce a fresh design to your labels, here are a number of things to think about first:

  • Be Unique. First and foremost, you will need to ensure that your printed labels differ from those of your competitors. This offers the best method in which to differentiate your product from others – if you can create a striking design that stands out amongst the others, then this will provide you with the best chance to catch the eye of passing custom. Will a consumer choose to look at a unique, original designed-package, or one that looks uniform and just as samey as the others?

  • Be Practical. Of course, the labels’ primary function is to inform your audience about the item; whether this is information about the product as a whole or more specific information in regards to ingredients and nutrition – it will all need to be included within the design. This is why you should be practical with the design and the challenge is ensuring that your label is able to fit everything in that you want to get across to your audience and yet, be attractive enough for them to buy.

  • Notify Existing Customers. The fact that you’re looking to update your label design suggests that you already have some sort of loyal audience who have been purchasing your product. Thanks to easier methods of communication we have at our disposal these days, it’s never been as easy to update people with new information about your product. Using social media and/or advertising to get your messages out there will help to further strengthen your brand, notifying existing (and new) customers about your product, hopefully leading to a further increase in brand loyalty in the future.

  • Look Back, To Look Forward. If your brand is relatively successful, then you shouldn’t be afraid to update the existing design. By incorporating elements of your old design or branding colours into new printed labels, you’ll be showing your audience that you recognise your own heritage, yet are moving with modern trends and innovations – something that will help to boost your reputation with the modern audience who are looking for such things.


One great way in which you can keep on top of your branding is by getting in touch with the printed labels experts here at CS Labels.

CS Labels – A Modern and Innovative Labelling Solution

Here at CS Labels, we have many years of experience in creating labels for all manner of products. As such, we have gained a unique experience and knowledge in the different methods used to produce attractive and eye-catching products that are able to combine aesthetics, with the display of crucial information that brands need to get across.

If you’re looking for a fresh way to present your products, helping them to stand out amongst your competitors on the shelf, then our professional printers are on hand to help you realise your perfect printed labels.


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