Specialist Bottle Labelling For All Shapes & Sizes Of Bottles

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When discussing bottles and bottle labels, images of soda bottles with colourful labels or beer bottles with interesting artistic designs come to mind. However, it’s important to remember that bottles aren’t just for beverages; there are lots of other products which can be stored in bottles too, and the labelling experts at CS Labels can provide high quality and reliable labelling solutions for bottles for a whole range of different uses.

Specialist Bottle Packing Labels

The bottle and tub packaging design is very useful for a diverse range of products. We can provide labelling solutions for tubs and bottles in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colours. For example, we can provide

  • Personal Hygiene Products
    The flexibility of a plastic bottle makes it the ideal choice for shampoo and other personal hygiene products as they can be squeezed to provide easy access to the product inside. That being said, bottles and tubs aren’t just for liquid personal hygiene products; they can also be great choices for sponge and shammie packaging.

    However, the large surface area of a bottle also makes it the ideal choice as it provides ample room to include important information regarding the contents, allergens in the product, and health and safety warning; without needing to utilise labelling techniques such as peel and reveal labels.

  • Cleaning Chemicals
    Large bottles and tubs are ideal choices for chemical cleaning products as they can be stored away easily and the large surface area provides plenty of room to display all of the information and safety warnings required by law.

    Due to the strict regulatory requirements of producing chemical labels, it’s essential that you choose an experienced labelling business to print your product’s labels. Here at CS Labels, all of the chemical hazard labels we supply adhere to the British Standard BS 5609 giving you confidence in our products.

  • Medication Bottles
    The classic pill bottle shape provides easy access to medication, whilst the complex locking mechanism serves as an additional barrier to stop children accessing medicines that are not theirs. Additionally, due to the cylindrical nature of the bottle design, a lot of information can be included on these bottles whilst still maintaining an easy to read font size; which some may argue makes it the superior choice when compared with boxes or packets.

    Similar to labels for cleaning chemicals, there are strict legal and regulatory requirements to adhere to when creating medication/pharmaceutical labels, so it’s essential that you work with a skilled and reputable label supplier. Did you know that CS Labels are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Pharmaceutical Labels? We specialise in providing professionals with a high quality and affordable solutions for all of your Pharmaceutical Labels needs.

Environmentally Friendly Digitally Printed Labels From CS Labels

Here at CS Labels, we recommend digitally printed bottle labels. It has numerous advantages; firstly it’s a very cost effective solution, even for short runs; due to the lack of films or printing plates in the process. However, in the current environmental climate, it’s essential that all businesses to seek to reduce their impact on the planet, so digitally produced labels for your business’ bottles and tubs are an ideal environmentally friendly option as our operations are in line with ISO14001-2015 Standard requirements.

Simply put, with CS Labels label printing solutions, you get quality, speed, and affordability. So if you’re interested in supercharging your product’s labelling, consider digitally printed labels from the multi-award winning label supplier, CS Labels.

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