5 Reasons Why Car Care Brands Should Use Digitally Printed Labels

CS Labels | 10th July 2020

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Whilst performance is the major factor behind us choosing the car we drive, it’s the image that’s conveyed that attracts us to certain models in the first place – it acts as an extension of our personality, after all. The same can be said about the labels of the car care products that we pick up from the shelf.

Designed to maintain the sleek presentation of vehicles, car maintenance products that have the same ability to illustrate and inform are far more likely to attract an audience.

By using digitally printed labels, a brand can include a wide range of items that are specific to their industry – from detailed customer care information, eye-catching graphics, high-definition photos and even web links.

Ultimately, a brand can communicate everything it needs to from its labels; from the quality of the product inside, right through to its own personality. So let’s take a look at 5 key benefits in more detail...

The Benefits Of Digitally Printed Labels For Car Care Brands

Whilst labels were originally used to provide information on what was in a container, contemporary innovations have expanded the abilities of what brands can do with them.

Whether it’s providing more information on the product (and the brand that created it), additional embellishments to make the product stand out or the use of promotional techniques to expand the reach of the brand – the possibilities that can be achieved with printed labels are almost endless. Here are some great examples:

1. Design and Presentation

Thanks to the ability of modern digital printers to be able to print in high-resolutions, brands can present their imagery and text more vibrantly than ever before.

Whether it’s logo design, colour schemes or photographs (or all three) that the brand wishes to attract/inform the customer with, digital printing achieves it all.

When you consider that car care products often need to include things like multilingual instructions and chemical compositions, the ability to give clarity is as important as ever before. Speaking of which...

2. Peel and Reveal

A great way to provide customers with additional information (as well as freeing up space for your eye-catching designs to work their magic), a ‘peel and reveal’ label contains multiple pages that are glued together.

The method in which the label is constructed allows the customer to peel back the top layer to reveal the information – instantly creating intrigue around the product.

3. QR Codes

Offering a fantastic opportunity for brands to offer additional information, drive traffic to their website and/or to build up a community, QR codes allow for an easy-to-access web link to be placed on a label.

The vast majority of contemporary mobile phones will have a QR scanner integrated into its camera, so a user simply has to point their phone at a label’s QR code and it will direct their browser to the page the brand wants them to visit.

4. Custom Number Of Labels

Economising each aspect of the production process will ensure that the business can maximise its profits – and better value can be gleaned from digital labels.

Older types of printing (such as flexographic) required a set number of labels to be produced, meaning that brands would often end up with more labels than they would need.

That cost (and material wastage) can be eliminated with digital printing as a customised number – as many as you need – can be ordered, maximising your budget.

5. Design Felxibility

Often, a brand will want to make changes to its printed labels or even release a special edition to further promote its brand.

Whilst flexographic printing required (printing) plates to be created from scratch for each change that was made, the digital process sees the change occur within a file on a computer program.

This simple and quick method allows for new labels to be produced as and when you need them – no waiting around or paying extra for new plates to be made.

Ready To Order Your Digital Labels?

Those were just a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed by using digital printing for your car care labels. If you’re interested in learning more, why not consider getting in touch with the labelling experts here at CS Labels?