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Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by Gill Lockley on 10:40 March 01st, 2019
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Here at CS Labels, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading label manufacturer of custom printed labels. Our investment in a range of Xeikon printers has allowed us to offer our clients exceptionally high quality digital labels with a very fast turnaround.


Create An Eye Catching Label For Your Products


Want to get an edge on your competition? With digitally printed labels from CS Labels your products will stand out on the shelves and attract customers in your target audience.

Thanks to digital printing technology we can print many different types and label styles without needing to create different printing plates; thus making label printing an affordable labelling solution even for short order such as seasonal labels.


Why Choose CS Labels for your Label Printing Needs?


The CS Labels team are constantly investing in our future, ensuring that our superb origination quality and studio equipment are among the highest in the UK.


Thanks to digital printing technology, we can provide high quality label printing services at low cost, with no plates or origination charges. Our labels are digitally printed to an exceptionally high quality 1200 DPI Image. The labels have crisp registration and smooth tones, which ensures that you labels are produced in a vibrant and strong four colour process.


With CS Labels you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the numerous counterfeiting protection and brand security methods at our disposal. For example, we can print micro text which is so small it cannot be seen by the naked eye. The human eye cannot see dots smaller than 30 micron, yet our Xeikon presses can print toner at 21 micron! We can also use various security toner methods including raised images, branded colour toner, security tagged toner and UV reflective toner. In addition to this, you’ll be very hard pressed to find better value for money anywhere else in the country.


Our Diverse Range Digitally Printed Custom Labels


Our team of highly experienced label printers can provide a wide range of label printing services for businesses. Thanks to our Xeikon printers, we can create custom labels using various different techniques and materials. For example, if you require labels for products such as e-liquids or cleaning products, we can provide raised tactile warning triangles. Additionally, we can also provide foiling with other embellishments to create a premium and luxury label for your product.


CS Labels, An ISO 9001 2008 Accredited Provider Of Digital Labels


As a skilled family business with over 30 years of experience we can provide cost effective digitally printed custom labels, environmentally friendly printing, and a free press proof on first order. Additionally, we also offer competitive prices and our award winning digital labels are ISO 9001 2008 accredited.


For More Information Or To Request A Sample, Please Get In Touch With The CS Labels Team Today


If you would like more information, a quote or sample pack, contact our team by calling 01902 365840 or emailing  Or simply fill out our enquiry form below.