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CS Labels Continue Successful Partnership With SIBA

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 13:42 June 17th, 2014
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Three Cheers for Greener Beer!

Greener BeerThe recent Beer Report 2014 published by SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) shows a positive outlook on the industry as a whole. With a 5.7% rise in the amount of beer produced, the industry is flourishing as more and more brewers increase their product portfolio and production.

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SIBA is one of the most authoritative bodies in the industry and is well respected by many of the pioneering independent brewers in Britain. We have been a member since November 2013 and we are pleased to be a part of an organisation that works as an essential link between the brewers and goods and services suppliers like us.

The report discusses many areas, an important one being how SIBA members are concerned about ethical issues. It cites how brewers are more inclined to “embrace the principles of environmental conscience, sustainable production and localism, together with the business ethics of responsibility and accountability.”As we know at CS labels, brewers are really passionate about their products, from raw ingredients, right through to the printed labels and packaging that protects them, including beer labels.

And speaking of packaging, environmental impact and reducing energy consumed was high on the agenda in the report. A massive 73% of those surveyed affirmed a positive commitment to reducing energy. From a digital labelling perspective, converting your existing beer labels to digital will definitely help to enhance your overall impact on the environment, and there are many reasons why....

We ourselves are certified with ISO 14001 for environmental management which means we have a vested commitment to how our products affect the planet. Digitally printed labels are overall much greener than traditional methods as it uses less raw materials, energy and water; label jobs require no lengthy set up runs so no excess waste.

Also we made the decision some years ago to use best-of-breed products and materials from suppliers such as Xeikon, the people who make our digital printers. Xeikon are one of the greenest companies around, their digital printing presses produce no hazardous emissions of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), they don’t use any process water, so don’t cause any water pollution. Finally we always encourage our customers to only ‘buy what they need’ whilst still keeping costs low. This is easy in the digital print world. As well as being less wasteful it also minimises storage space normally required to hold beer label stock.

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So if you want to easily increase your green credentials, then why not join some of the leading brewers and make the switch to digital printed labels today. Call us on 01902 365840 or email sales@cslabels.co.uk