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About Peel and Reveal Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 07:16 June 11th, 2012
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Peel and reveal labels are an important worldwide innovation in the labeling industry. In a nutshell, these labels are a two layer label with printing on the top and when the top layer is peeled back, information in the area underneath the label is revealed. These labels are very popular in the food industry and are beginning to be widely used in other markets like promotional, chemical, cosmetic, retail, etc. These labels offer four printable surfaces, i.e., top cover, inside front cover, base label and reverse of base label and thus are best answers when space is an issue. Peel and reveal labels help to put a lot of information into a small labeling space and are in great demand to accommodate lengthy instructions and multi-languages, thus eliminating problems with overcrowded labels. These labels are widely used in on pack promotions to alert customers on discounts, offers, contests, etc.

Now if you’re considering peel and reveal labels for your products, then CS Labels can help. We are experts in producing these labels and can produce superior quality labels with a self-adhesive base and a dry removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces. We use latest equipments such as Digital Xeikon 3300 that supports with quality and fast turnaround. Our peel and reveal labels will help you include all the required information without compromising on the detail.

CS Labels can solve all your labels issue no matter how challenging they are. To get high quality peel and reveal labels at minimum costs contact us at CS Labels Ltd, Unit D Bay 2, Willenhall Trading Estate, Midacre, West Midlands, WV13 2JW, telephone: 01902 365840, Fax: 01902 365841