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Beer Boom In Manchester: Breweries Make Headlines!

Posted in CS Labels News by cs labels on 15:22 January 04th, 2016
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Greater Manchester’s local breweries made news headlines this week following a phenomenal number of new openings across the region this year. All of the twenty new breweries are recognised by CAMRA and have been added to the Campaign for Real Ale’s 2016 Good Beer Guide, bringing the total number up to 61, with a fastest growth rate across the country barring London.

The unprecedented rise in newcomers to the brewery industry in North West England surely reflects the nation’s love of full-bodied, full-flavoured beers, and could be a sign of the Government’s “Northern Powerhouse” coming to fruition. The UK actually has more breweries per head than any other country worldwide, offering a range of premium quality beer, but, the question we’re interested in here at CS Labels is, do their beer labels match up to their good taste?

How Important Are Beer Labels To Sales?

Whether it’s the palest golden ale or the darkest, coal-black stout, the most incredible beer isn’t going to sell as well unless it has a memorable, quality label with a striking design. With more varieties of beer on offer at local breweries around the country, with the average brewery producing eight different types alone, the competition has never been greater. With this is mind, well-thought-out labels produced using the latest technology make a huge difference to the success of a new beer!

Whether your craft beer has a subtle taste of chocolate, fruit, coffee or hazelnut, get their taste buds going before they’ve even ordered with an inventive, original design featuring your brand name and exceptional ad copy. Our continuing investment in advanced printing technology and great pride in excellent customer service ensures you’ll receive unmatched results that are bound to improve sales!

Make It A Tall-One With Quality Beer Labels

While the taste of a new beer has a lot to say about its quality, how it looks on the shelf has a huge influence on a customer’s next step. Do they play it safe and go with their usual brand of beer, or take a gamble and opt for an unfamiliar one with a revolutionary design? A cheap, shoddily produced label may keep your costs low short-term, but long-term, you’ll have wished you got it right first time round.

If you’re interested in custom-made beer labels that will do justice to your brewery’s creation, look no further than CS Labels. With almost four decades experience printing high quality labels for commercial products, we’re one of the UK’s leading providers. Get in touch for more information or a free quote on 01902 365840. Alternatively, email our expert team at sales@cslabels.co.uk.