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Cake Label Design Ideas

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 16:45 April 22nd, 2014
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Finding the right packaging for your product can be just as important as the ingredients which go into it. Try these label styles on for size, and let your branding speak for your product.

How Do Digital Labels Help Your Product?

Printed labels can say a lot about your bakery produce, from the rustic and homemade style to the sleek and professional for luxury goods. Minimalism of packaging has become a huge trend over the last few years, with understated patterns and toned down colours making a splash. Since the so-called ‘baking revival’ which is happening worldwide, people going back to traditional roots of cooking, vintage labels have also become very popular. Vintage digital labels take people back to the sweets and cakes of their childhood, giving them a feeling of nostalgia, which is a big market for many.

Sleek, sophisticated labels have also been making a comeback in luxury brands, generally using minimal colour and a dark background to give the sense of richness and expense. The only brands using colour at the moment tend to be organic produce, where greens and blues are prevalent, and in brands which pride themselves on their fun and sense of humour, where a splash of colour is used to catch the eye. We have many options of digital labels, all high quality and printed at 1200dpi, so here is a little list of ideas to get you inspired.

Digital label Ideas For Cakes

•    The Vintage One – using pale pastel colours, often with a paisley or floral detail creates nostalgia for a lot of people, or speaks to the faux-vintage feel of popular brands. Pale blues and pinks seem to be the most popular shades at the moment, but a pale green for a vintage-style organic product could be an interesting take on the trend.

•    The Minimalist One – predominantly, this style uses white and silver, or white and gold, which is in line with other luxury brands. The understatement, rather than shouting about the product, makes it feel expensive and exclusive, which makes the customer feel like a connoisseur. Sometimes in white on a black background, the brands using this style of digital labels are all about being seen, without being in your face.

•    The Kooky One – brands using this style are often not a budget option, and their expense is tempered by their packaging. They may be luxury brands, but often have more colour than the minimalist packaging, such as a splash of orange or blue, or if the colours are plain, will usually have a quirky font to their label. The message this sort of branding sends is engaging with the consumer, inviting them to join in and share in the fun.

•    The Green One – not always necessarily organic, sometimes fair-trade or made from sustainably grown ingredients, this labelling is generally, as the name suggests, green. Often the font will look handwritten, or as if it has been coloured in, to give it a more homemade, earthy feel for a digital label.

•    The Kids’ One – branding for kids often uses child-like writing or handwritten labels, and is generally in bright colours, with a lot going on at once. This is to catch the wandering eye of a bored child in the supermarket, or watching the advert, and also often has large print, to make it easier for a child to read. Often this branding has a cartoon character on the label, which further draws children in.

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