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Coca-Cola’s Famous ‘Name’ Digital Labels Increase Sales

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 09:34 March 11th, 2014
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This past summer has seen a brilliant marketing move unveiled by Coca-Cola, namely their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which involved printing 250 of the UK’s most popular names on bottle labels and moving the traditional Coca-Cola logo to the top in smaller print. This has resulted in increased sales and an increase in positive buzz around the brand. How did they achieve this? Through the innovative use of digital labels.

Digital Labels Can Now Be Used For Large Runs

Digital labels are labels which are produced by using a digital template, allowing them to be altered very quickly, which in turn translates into easily co-ordinated variable print runs. This is especially useful if your product is sold in multiple countries, as you can maintain constant areas of the label (such as the logo) whilst changing other areas to conform to that country’s labelling regulations (nutritional information, for example).

Previously it was taken as fact that digital labels should be used for small runs and analogue printing for large. The Coca-Cola Company has completely disproved this, however, using digital labelling to roll out their campaign in 35 European countries, producing over 750 million packs. Using traditional analogue printing methods, Coke would have had to print off a set number of identical labels to apply to bottles, which would then have been shipped to a distributor. This would have been incredibly inefficient and would have resulted in many shops only selling bottles featuring one name. Instead, Coca-Cola used a method of printing digital labels called ‘versioning’, whereby random names were printed sequentially to get the distribution right at the point of sale.

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