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CS Labels Cares About the Environment

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 13:58 December 27th, 2011
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For many years humans have believed to be stronger than nature and they had the pretension to exploit natural resources without minding the consequences. However many catastrophes and human starvation in some regions of our planet reminded us that it is not possible and endless resources exploitation without any consequences for the environment and for human beings existence. Earth’s resources can finish and the pollution can affect them forever if we don’t commit ourselves in using them in a sustainable way.

At CS Labels we consider the environmental conservation not as an obstacle but as an added value for our services. We firmly believe that high quality products supply cannot disregard from ethic production processes that are respectful towards the environment and human health. For this reason we are proud of our new environmentally friendly label printer based on a printing process that allows us to save energy and water. To be coherent with our ethical principles we invested in digital label printing which is based on process that don’t cause water pollution and aid paper recycling. All our digital printed labels are 100% deinkable so that they are easy to recycle. At the same time at CS Labels we use only materials that are taken from sustainable forests, in order to support those raw materials suppliers that promote sustainable development and fight the wild exploitation of natural resources.

For further information about our environmental policy and our digital label printing contact our digital labels specialists.