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Follow These Great Tips for the Perfect Beer Bottle Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 10:14 May 02nd, 2016
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Whether you brew beer as a hobby or you’ve built a business on the great taste of craft ales, you are probably aware of the effects that beer bottle labels can have on sales.  

At CS, the independent and smaller breweries that we look after know that they need to make the most of the latest design services if they hope to get the message of their brand across; thankfully digital print makes it easy to compete with the mainstream and established brands.

Labels have a major impact on the perceived quality of craft beers and ales. If you’re trying to promote your brand as one which focuses on a high-quality product, you need to make sure that your labels and packaging truly reflects that commitment.  Cutting corners, whether it be design or print, should not be an option!


Creating The Best Beer Bottle Labels For Craft Ale

Today, the craft brewing industry is booming. More and more people are looking for high-quality drinks with their own unique flavour. That’s great for the industry as a whole, but it means that you have to deal with more competition than ever before. Making that initial impact with your beer can’t be down to the taste alone – you need to follow these great tips to create a label that will really make your product stand out on the shelf.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out – The only real, sure-fire way to make sure that your product fails is to make it boring. The solution is quite simple – don’t! Make your label unique and interesting. There are thousands of ways to do this with modern label design.  Have a look at what Brixton Brewery did on their beer bottle labels, and also Growler, with their award winning beer label design that was done in conjunction with pop-group Madness!
  2.  Brixton Brewery Beer Labels produced by CS Labels

    The one thing that you need to be sure of, before you commit to a label design that is really ‘out there’ is that you have an audience that is actively looking for new and exciting things to try. Fortunately, we know that the real ale crowd are definitely on the lookout for new and exciting flavours to try out.

    Brixton Beer Bottle Labels
  3. Design With The Pairings Theory – The pairings theory relies on using various design features to create truly unique and attractive packaging and marketing. When it comes to beer, the three features you can consider are:

    • Beer Styles,
    • Seasons,
    • Special Events.

    • Beer Styles – We all know that ale and lager are the two main kinds of beer, although they can be broken down into several different categories, such as IPA, Stouts, Porters and Ambers. Learning the associations of each style of beer can really add to the relevance of your label design. For example, with stouts you may want to create a darker design that represents the thickness of your beverage. We also offer color-logic special effects that can add that pizzazz to a label, foil or shiny effects without the need for an extra layer of print.
    • Seasons – Many beers are available for only a short period of time, so don’t be afraid to reflect the timing of your beers. If you’ve created a beer for autumn, why not decorate it with autumnal imagery such as fallen leaves, and colours like browns, reds and muted greens. Digital print makes this easy as there is no origination, so no expensive printing plates to purchase.
    • Events – Whether you’re creating beer for a specific event, or you’ve recently taken part in an event that you’re proud of, why not customise short runs of your beer bottle labels to reflect that? Again digital is your best friend here, and a major advantage
  4. Pay Attention To The Little Things – As your customers will be expecting quality from their craft ales, take the time to make sure that the details of your labels speak of a high-quality product and a great brand. Even if your beer isn’t seasonal, replacing labels with seasonal decoration can make a real difference.

    Some of the other aspects of your beer bottle that you might want to consider include:

    • A Neck Label.
    • The Cap.
    • A Base Label.

Follow These Great Tips For The Best Beer Labels Design, With CS Labels

Here at CS Labels, we are able to provide a range of industry-leading printing services to make your products stand out from your competition. Whether you’re looking for long runs of beer bottle labels, or simply short seasonal or special addition printing runs, get in touch with our team today.

If you’re looking for the best printing services for any kind of label design, or advice on how to create the perfect labels for your needs, get in touch with our professional team today on 01902 365841.