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New Color-Logic Update Makes Peel And Reveal Labels Stand Out

Posted in CS Labels News by Admin on 10:28 October 08th, 2013
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CS Labels are one of the leading suppliers of peel and reveal labels. We specialise in providing you with high quality, affordable solutions for all your label needs. The team at CS Labels is also delighted to announce our investment in the latest Color Logic update, providing you with labels that stand out like never before!

Your Quality Peel And Reveal Labels Producer

The company has been an officially certified Color Logic printer for nearly two years and we are delighted with the range of metallic colours and special effects that come as part of the Color Logic package.

The latest update brings a raft of new features and updated colour libraries. The effects you can now achieve for your peel and reveal labels are limitless.

The Color Logic system is in essence made of two parts:

1.A full metallic colour library similar to the pantone system. This allows you to choose a metallic colour in full confidence, understanding what the file product will look like.

2.A set of special effects for print that you can use for your digital labels.

Special Effects For Your Peelable Labels

The latest Color Logic update includes the following special effects:

•Dimensional-FX™ - with this effect you can make a selective area of artwork appear to change colour and dimension from a lighter to a darker hue. This technique is an ideal way to make messages and areas more prominent within the print and add dimension.


•Watermark-FX™- this effect can be used to make a selective area of the artwork seem to appear and disappear or achieve a subtle watermark effect. This technique is an ideal way to hide patterns and messages on peelable labels in a subliminal way.


•Gradation- FX™ - a unique feature of the Process Metallic Color System is the ability to vignette one metallic colour into another. You can simply create your gradient in the usual way using the Color-Logic metallic colour palettes.


•Image- FX™ - a photorealistic image separation algorithm analyses images and calculates the required metallic effect for the different tonal regions of the image. The Color-Logic Action Set for Adobe Photoshop® automatically creates the fifth spot channel, eliminating any hit-and-miss approach to integrating the metallic colour in the image.


Get Your Peel And Reveal Labels From CS Labels

CS Labels is your trusted digital printer for nearly all types of labels. Our state of the art presses are the ultimate choice to manufacture Peel and Reveal labels for large, medium or small runs.

We produce a wide range of cost effective digital labels, all of which feature high quality printing and lightfast toner. Our technology is environmentally friendly and we offer a free press proof on your first order.

Our aim is to ensure that our quality and equipment are of the highest standard in the United Kingdom. That’s why we regularly update our systems to offer you the latest in colours, finishes and special effects, all of which provide you with an excellent value for money.

If you’d like to find out more about peelable labels from CS Labels, call 01902 365840 or email sales@cslabels.co.uk