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Digital Updates

Posted in CS Labels News by Neil Churchill on 15:02 June 30th, 2017
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Profiling and enhancing our digital presses.

As a digital print company we constantly strive to keep up to date with current technology and working practices, we often find that methods are constantly evolving and things that were correct one day could easily be changed sometimes overnight.

Take for example Microsoft windows or your android phone. Almost every day there is another update.
This can be infuriating at times but also essentially for the good of the customer.

The same can be said for digital printing.

One challenge we have is to keep on top and hopefully just ahead of the current working standards in both hardware and software.

Some advancements we have made to our Xeikon production area lately are:

Better calibration techniques.
Allowing us to monitor the printing state of the machine everyday and record the results directly into the cloud for all our print staff to see.
This report shows our delta E readings for each CMYK colour, also if there is any difference in the colour of our print substrates.

Calibration for Silver Substrates
For a long while we struggled with calibration when printing on silver substrates.
We have now found a solution for this and now strive to produce the most accurate colour on silver.

Colour Key
Colour Key enables us to monitor the colour throughout the print run.  If we have a concern about a colour we can refer back to the report for feedback as to where in the print run colours may have driffted.

Colour Forecaster
Colour Forecaster is a great tool we offer customers who are looking for specific Pantone Colours or wishing to match colours printed using other digital, litho or flexo print methods. 
The Colour Forecaster can create a spread of 50 variant colours based on a specific base colour we can then tweak any artwork files to match.

What does this mean for our customers ?
Overall, we hope to produce a better looking label, more colour accurate and finished to a higher standard than ever before.
The challenge we now have as a company looking forward is handling repeat jobs we printed 2-5 years ago.
Some may not match the latest printing standards, as today our print quality has improved so much.