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Self Adhesive Labels Sow The Seeds Of Creativity At Farm Show

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 08:50 December 19th, 2014
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As you may know we attended the Farm Business Innovation Show last week. The show went very well, it was very busy and we are already producing press proofs for self adhesive labels for several companies in industries such as cosmetics, beer and food.

Self Adhesive Label Display Proves Huge Success At Farm Show

We met over 100 companies at the show and enjoyed talking to a variety of producers who want to take their brand to the next level. This of course includes the packaging which in most cases includes self adhesive labels that can literally make or break your product.

Self Adhesive Labels

Some of the smaller producers are new to the industry, coming from traditional farming backgrounds and we were surprised at their thirst for knowledge when it comes to branding a new product. Andrew Mansfield, our Sales Director quite rightly pointed out to several of them that they may well be the next Coca-cola or Carlsberg, but in order to do this, they need to think brand, right down to the self adhesive label. Consistency is also key and we know here at CS that social media and website presence, when backed by a slick looking label is a major factor to encourage your customers to come back or even buy in the first place.

Many clients asking were asking about the upcoming food labelling regulations after Andrew’s seminar which was well attended by a selection of visitors. He made a strong reminder that it’s not just about the legalities, which are of course important, but in essence you have many options to really make your label stand out despite the extra information required. This could include a peel and reveal label, or even if you have to spend money to comply with the new legislation then why not take the opportunity to also enhance your brand with a refreshed look – CS Labels can help. Visitors were most impressed that you can do all of this without origination charges.

Finally the new trend of special editions and personalisation on products was also discussed by some of our visitors. We know of clients that have produced small runs of niche and special editions that have sold out in days when they expected months. Making more product isn’t usually an issue, but the packaging often is. Traditional presses have longer lead times and origination charges whereas digital print gives you the opportunity manufacture more and have your packaging ready and waiting to attach to the finished product. Exciting times.

Overall we had a great time at the show and there were some very interesting products in development; we’re wondering if one of the companies we met could well be the instigator of our next award winning label!

Quality Self Adhesive Labels From CS Labels

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