Augmented Reality Hits The Small Screen!

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 10:52 July 23rd, 2014
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Augmented Reality Hits The Small Screen!

We were delighted to see augmented reality featured on BBC1 last week. Ooh-Arr, the company that we have partnered with to deliver our very own Augmented Reality (AR) solution, has been doing some amazing work with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Augment Your Reality With Ooh-Arr

People with Smartphones or tablets can connect to a whole world of information about the games and athletes just by scanning the back of their seat on the local buses. The clip also demonstrates some of the amazing benefits that augmented reality can bring, in terms of increasing sales and fostering consumer engagement.

Watch the film here:

Augmented Reality Solutions From CS Labels

If you are interested in your own augmented reality solution that can be designed and developed for your or your client’s own brand, then just contact us or test it for yourself and read more information on our website. The app can link to new or existing artwork on your digital label. 

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