CS Labels Innovates Digitally Printed Sachets And Pouches

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 08:33 February 27th, 2015
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Never one to stand still, we’re pleased to announce that we have diversified into the digital flexible packaging market and can offer you digitally printed sachets and pouches using groundbreaking technology.

Our New Digital Flexible Packaging Capability For Sachets And Pouches

Digitally printed sachets and pouches are particularly attractive to the food and cosmetics industry and after months of extensive product development and testing we have created a product offering which enables you to utilise the powerful benefits of digital printing on sachets and pouches.

The products, which can also offer compliance with food regulations, have already been snapped up by a number of clients including a major online home-delivery food brand who will utilise the fast, accurate and high quality technology that digital offers, as well as taking advantage of the plate-free printing process which enables you to order different varieties and versions without incurring penalties.

As you know CS Labels are already a European leader in digital labels. We are expanding our reach into new markets as part of our growth plans our MD Simon Smith is known as a thought leader in the print industry. 2015 has proven to be our most innovative year yet from a product development point of view.

At the moment digital is offering a power and flexibility that other methods just cannot and we’re delighted to say that the major food and cosmetics companies that we are working with are amazed at what’s possible with our new digitally printed sachets and pouches. You only have to come and talk to us to find out more.

Why not share your ideas about branding and loyalty when planning your packaging campaigns, we can probably add an extra layer of vitality and delight you with what we can do with digital.

Why Digital Is Different For Your Printed Pouches And Sachets....

The pouch and sachet market is traditionally tied to volumes in excess of 3,000 linear metres. Conversely, the digitally printed tri-laminate pouches printed by us offers flexibility never experienced before with the ability to order short runs starting from just 1,000 linear metres – you no longer have to order more than you need. Multiple sorts within a common size are a regular requirement in the pouch and sachet market and we can offer these sorts with no expensive plate costs and a delivery time that current users will appreciate.

The products are a high quality digital print onto a specified substrate, which is then sealed and pressure tested. Marketers can enjoy less stock holding and much more flexibility when it comes to campaigns, promotions, versioning, personalisation, limited editions and the ability to process very small runs if required. Lead times are short in comparison to traditional methods.

To find out more about digitally printed sachets and pouches from CS Labels please contact us today by calling 01902 365 841 or email sales@cslabels.co.uk