CS Labels Offers a Wide Range of Self Adhesive Labels

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 08:28 April 30th, 2014
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At CS Labels, we offer a huge range of different labels for a huge range of different applications. Amongst our most popular products are self adhesive labels. In this blog, we take a look at self-adhesive labels, their applications and advantages.

What Are The Applications of Self Adhesive Labels?

The great thing about adhesive labels is that they can literally be used anywhere a labels is need. Of particular note is the use of self adhesive labels in the transport and logistics industry. In fact, up to 50% of all labels used for transport or logistics are self adhesive labels, according to Finat, the European association for the self adhesive label industry.

Of course, adhesive labels aren’t just used for shipping and transporting. They have a range of uses including food labelling, pharmaceutical uses and retailing. The self adhesive labels that we sell are suitable for all these uses, and are freezer suitable.

What makes a self adhesive label so appealing is their “sandwich” construction. Essentially, the label is split into three parts:

1.    The laminate of printable face stock (face stock being the label’s printable surface).
2.    The adhesive
3.    The release liner (this carries the label along the printing press)

This not only makes them easy to apply, but makes self adhesive labels very durable. Some labels have lasted for over a hundred years. This is great news for businesses as it means that the information on the label can stay on a product or piece of merchandise for an extended period of time.

Adhesive labels are also very versatile and canbe stuck to a variety of surfaces and items. For example, self adhesive labels can be stuck to wine bottles or food products very easily, but they can also be stuck to pallets and shipping crates just as well. They can even be used in conjunction with special label applying technology to speed up the labelling process if you have lots of items.

Why Should You Choose CS Labels To Print Your Self Adhesive Labels?

CS Labels have gained a reputation in the label industry as a supplier of high quality labels for outstanding value. This is because we used digital printing to print our labels, rather than more old fashioned techniques.

We use the Xeikon 3300 digital printer to create our labels. This avoids the use of plates or films meaning origination costs are kept to a minimum. This printer is perfect for any size run of labels, and because there is no minimum order you can order any number of self adhesive for whatever application you choose. The Xeikon is also perfectly suited to printing labels that require variable forms of data such as packing labels or barcodes.

For more information on self adhesive labels, or to enquire about our wide range of other labels, contact us today using our online contact form, or call us on 01902 365840.