How To Use Beer Labels To Improve The Consumer Experience

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:04 November 20th, 2019
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When it comes to creating a successful brand, ensuring that the customer can experience a unique item that resonates with them, should be the utmost aim.

That’s just half of the work, however – what attracts them to try the product in the first place? How can they get an idea of whether the contents inside will be enjoyable when they’re hidden inside the packaging? With so much choice on the shelf, why should they choose a particular product, instead of all of the others?

Having produced beer labels for renowned craft brewery, Northern Monk, the team here at CS Labels have plenty of experience in understanding what appeals to a wide range of customers. Our specialist printers work with several craft breweries; those already-established brands, looking for something new, as well as brand-new firms needing to establish themselves in a competitive marketplace.

Want to learn more about how we work? Here, we’re going to talk about how we helped Northern Monk to establish their leading craft ale brand.

How We Created Beer Labels For Northern Monk

After noticing that American-inspired craft beers were popular in the UK, beer lover Russell Bisset lamented that there wasn’t a similarly progressive and forward-thinking approach from UK breweries than what US companies had towards their branding, packaging and ingredients. With British brewing having a long history and tradition, he thought that a combination of the two would create a unique selling point – so he went and did something about it. Northern Monk Brewing Co was born.


Founded in 2013, Russell used a £5,000 inheritance to kickstart his dream. His initial investment has established one of leading craft breweries in the UK, which aside from its vast range of beers, also comprises bars (or ‘refectories’) in Manchester, as well as in the brewery’s home city of Leeds.


However, that’s just the abridged version of the Northern Monk story...

What Was Northern Monk Looking For In Their Craft Ale Labels?

When the brewery opened, competition in the UK craft beer market was already fierce. In 2010, there were just over 1,000 in the UK and by 2015, the Government dropped the news that a new brewery was opening every other day. By 2016, the number of breweries had DOUBLED to comprise of well over 2,000 – a number that was last seen 80 years ago. So with such an exponential increase over such a short period, it was no surprise to see the growth in the number of breweries fall between 2016 and 2017. Still, it leaves an awful lot of competition out there.


With a background in global sales, Russell understood that to stand out from the competition, Northern Monk would have to design beer labels that not only caught the attention of his target market but also resonated with them. Aside from possessing the ability to present vibrant designs in well-defined detail, Russell was seeking his labels to offer his target audience something that wasn’t ‘the norm’, something that could stand out for its modernism, whilst still presenting all of the important information needed.


This is where we here at CS Labels came in.

Our Beer Labelling Solution

Our services were recommended to Russell by a friend, and we very quickly got to work, discussing the project. We mentioned that a bulk of our work was designing several different ‘peel and reveal’ labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Russell was intrigued and enquired whether employing peel and reveal across a full beer can would be feasible. It was.


Peel and reveal is labelling that contains multiple pages which are glued together in such a way that the customer can literally peel the top layer back to reveal additional information on the inside. As mentioned, they are commonly used on pharmaceutical products (small containers that need to convey large amounts of information).


Whilst we’re keeping the exact process a closely guarded secret, constructing a peel and reveal beer label is all about how the pieces are brought together (and in what order), as well as some other extra components that we put in to enable it to stop peeling back (or to allow it to open in a different area).


That latter point allowed us to create a ‘barn-door’-style label, where the labels opened from the middle to reveal four panels inside. Northern Monk used this label style on limited edition beers to celebrate events that their customers would be interested in – increasing their brand appeal.


Northern Monk was the first British brewery to use peel and reveal beer labels by 18 months; this gave them a leg up in the race to reach the top of the industry ladder. Although they had to adjust their canning lines to cater for the new style of labels, the way in which we printed them ensured that the canning process was relatively straightforward.


Since that first print run, we have worked closely with Russell to develop a vast range of different craft ale labels that have won numerous industry awards, boosting the brewery’s brand awareness and solidifying it as one of the UK’s favourite craft beers.


So if you run your own brewery and are interested in learning more about how we can make your products stand out on the shelf, why not consider getting in touch with our beer labelling experts today?

Choose CS Labels For Digital Label Printing

At CS Labels, we can provide a complete range of beer labels to ensure that you can raise awareness for your brand. Our staff are able to draw on their vast experience and knowledge of beer label design to help you to produce packaging that can distinguish your product from those of your competitors.

Being a forward-thinking company, we have invested in our business in recent years and can now boast ownership of the fastest models of digital printing presses in the world, giving us the scope to print as many labels per run as we need to, whilst also increasing the customisations we can make in each design.

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