The latest trends in digital printing and wine bottle labels.

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 15:18 August 08th, 2016
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Here at CS Labels we have many years of experience in producing wine bottle labels for businesses of all sizes. Our experience has taught us that we need to be constantly ahead of the game; looking at the latest trends in the wine industry, technology, even art, just to be able to produce quality labels for our clients.

With this in mind, here are some of the latest trends we’ve noticed recently;Wraxall Wines

Clients are asking for longer runs of digital labels . There has recently been an upwards trend towards digital printing technology for certain types of labels and packaging. This is opposed to more traditional flexographic (flexo) methods that have cornered the market for a long time. The flexo technique uses printing plates and won’t produce print runs as fast its digital counterpart. With the output being significantly higher using a digital printer, we are able to produce bigger print runs, as well as better-quality labels using digital printing, which suits more of our client’s demands. Also, with the printing being more accurate and without the usage of plates, we are able to fit more labels on each print run – giving our clients more value for money

Embellishments can help to sell the wine . A foil is always a popular addition to any wine bottle, but we are able to offer a smart alternative, one that has already seen demand for it increase – Color Logic. This printing process can be done in just one pass – so no need for an extra hot foil press that will only mean that the cost of your product will be driven up. We were one of the first label companies in Europe to implement this idea and now we’re seen as one of the industry leaders in the implantation of colour-logic. 

o An example of this is when we worked with Wraxall Vineyard on their wine bottle labels and they asked for our advice in choosing material for their label that will give them a quality outlook. We chose a silver PP and then applied colour-logic to achieve a magical shiny-gold look, without even having to use foil. We finished the label by layering it, then using matt vanish to make it further stand out. The finished look really made their labels very eye-catching! 

Our clients know that personalisation and limited editions are popular . Aside from not being able to print as many or as quick as digital printers, flexo is also much less flexible than digital when it comes to varying the printers output, this due to the heavy plates that flexo printers have. This includes different variations (flavours, age of the wine etc) as well as the printing of smaller, specialist batches.

When is a wine bottle label, not a wine bottle label? Being leaders in our particular field, means that we have constantly got our ears to the ground, listening for any latest trends in the printing business that we can pass on to our clients. Another future huge growth area we predict, will be the omission of labels altogether from bottles, with the printing occurring directly on the bottle. 

  • Digital Heat Transfer Service

o To achieve this we have introduced our digital heat transfers service that offers a revolutionary way of replacing the labelling completely. Heat transfers provide a ‘no-label look’ which is far slicker and much cleaner than screen prints or labels. The process works by printing the transfers digitally upon a backing film which can be then transferred onto the bottle using an applicator. The bottles are decorated with photo-quality images and are machine-washable. This method offers a somewhat cost-effective solution that is within the budget of every business of any size.

CS Labels – the best in wine labels

Here at CS Labels, we can provide a complete range of self-adhesive labels, stickers and wine bottle labels to ensure that you can raise awareness for your brand. We have invested in our business in recent years and can now boast an ownership of three of the fastest models of digital printing presses in the world!

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