The Pros And Cons Of Seasonal Labels for Food Products

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 09:29 March 15th, 2018
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A label has many different roles. A good label needs to be informative, eye catching, easy to read, and visually appealing. This is very important for food labels, as your product’s label needs to stand out on the shop shelf and quickly explain to a customer why they should choose your product instead of a product from one of your competitors.


Pros And Cons Of Seasonal Labels for Food Products!

  • ·         PRO – Your Product Could Stand Out From Your Competition During The Season/Event!

    If you choose a seasonal label for your product, you could potentially see an increase in sales before and during that season/event. Simply by including “Happy Easter” on a product, potential customers might see your product and consider purchasing it as a gift for Easter.

    For example, you could create a seasonal food label for a box of chocolates or seasonal alcoholic drink label for a bottle of wine which is designed to appeal to people who are searching for an Easter themed gift. Additionally did you know that, CS Labels are one of the leading suppliers of wine bottle labels and confectionary labels?

  • ·         CON – Your Product Might Not Sell Well After The Season/Event Has Passed!
    If you create a selection of Easter labels for your products, but you do not sell out of your seasonally labelled products, you might have to re-label those products or sell them at a reduced cost because of the seasonal labelling.

    However, with fantastic digital label printing services from CS Labels, you can create high quality and cost effective labelling even from short runs. So if you would like to create some seasonal labels, but you’re concerned about being left with lots of labels at the end of the event/season, please speak to the CS Labels team and enquire about our labelling services for short runs.

Seasonal Labels From The Talented Team At CS Labels


CS labels are the largest digital printer in Europe to use Xeikon technology and thanks to digital printing technology our team can provide you with a high quality product in a short lead time. Our typical lead time usually takes around 7-10 days from receipt of artwork.


Choosing the correct labelling solution is a very important decision for a business. The talented team of professionals at CS Labels understand digital print inside and out, so if you are interested in utilising seasonal labelling for food labels, consider speaking to the friendly CS Labels team.


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