The Type Of Bottle Label Depends on the Type of Drink

Posted in Digital Label Manufacturer by CS Labels on 10:18 January 04th, 2012
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It is well known that a great part of the consumers’ purchase decision making depends on packaging and the suggestions it is able to inspire them to buy. When the product is a drink, the main packaging element is the label; as a consequence it is fundamental to choose the most suitable label for each type of drink and the best label manufacturer to increase your own market share.

CS Labels offer a wide range of bottle labels for different types of drinks: beer, wine, water and soft drinks. Our label printing equipment is among the most sophisticated in the United Kingdom and it allows us to supply high quality bottle labels to grant you the best value for your money.  We can provide you with personalised wine bottle labels in order to enhance your wines special features as well as we can customise water bottle labels. CS Labels is also one of the UK’s leading suppliers for beer bottle labels and we cater for companies throughout the UK.

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