What Information Needs To Placed on Sports Nutrition Labels?

Sports nutrition products have experienced an exponential rise in recent years; in 2017, the UK market for supplements was valued at £799m – this is more than double the amount (£350m) that was recorded in 2012. Thanks to the growth in demand, the market for sports supplements has expanded to comprise a range of different products as brands now have the confidence to develop new items designed to serve different aspects of body improvement and sports performance.

With such an interest in supplements, legal requirements were quickly introduced to govern what should be placed on sports labels. As a producer of a vast range of food and drink labelling here at CS Labels, we have compiled all of the information you need to know – so if you’re interested in/already produce your own sports nutrition products, read on for some vital information.

The Need For Well-Designed Sports Labels

As an increasing number of people are becoming more aware of the impact that their environment and activities have on their health, it’s no real surprise to see the sports nutrition market grow larger by each passing year – just this summer, business experts predicted that the next 5 years would see a 7% rise.

Clearly, competition between brands to attract new customers is high (apt, considering many of these products will be used with sports in mind!) and this news will mean that, although there are increasing opportunities, it will be a challenge to carve out a place in the market.

This is why getting the design of sports labels right is so important. You could have the finest product out there but if nobody can see it, aren’t attracted to it or not encouraged to find out more about it, then the qualities of the product will go ignored.

By creating product labels that communicate a brand; its qualities, philosophies and how it may potentially be of benefit, you will be giving customers a reason to pick it up – and once they do, it’s all down to the sales information you can provide that will seal the deal.

By using digital labels, you can promote your business in ways that were barley possible a decade ago; from using vibrant colours and art, through to creating QR codes and augmented reality labels that customers can interact with. There are no end of possibilities that can be achieved with digital label printing.

Required Information on Sports Supplement Labels

Having your products with well-designed labels is also ideal to portray information other than your sales pitch. As food supplements, it’s vital for sports nutrition products to be able to distinguish themselves as such, as well as contain certain safety information that is required by law.

For this, the Food Standards Agency has created a comprehensive list of conditions when creating your sports labels. You should start with the description of the product itself – it should be labelled as a ‘food supplement’, not a ‘dietary supplement’.

The rest of the product label must state:


  • The name and address of the manufacturer, packer or importer.
  • A comprehensive list of ingredients (including any common allergens, which must be emphasised.
  • Conditions/instructions for use, including information on the recommended daily dosage and a clear warning to not exceed this.
  • Storage instructions that include a statement that the product must be kept away from the reach of young children
  • A ‘use-by’ or ‘best before’ date.
  • A nutritional declaration that contains the names and amounts of vitamins, minerals or any other substances (such as amino acids, fatty acids or plant extracts), that form the main part of the product.
  • A statement that food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

All the above information should be on either the product packaging, a label that is attached to the packaging or on a label that is clearly visible through the packaging.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating vibrant and informative sports nutrition labels, why not consider getting in touch with the experts here at CS Labels?

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