Custom Labels

We know that when it comes to getting your product noticed, nothing is more effective than a well designed custom label. Their main purpose is to grab the attention of anyone who looks at it, showing that your brand is innovative and original.

Make Your Brand Stand Out With Custom Labels

 At CS Labels we are the UK’s leading producers of high quality digital labels for a huge variety of different products and industries. Our dedicated team work closely with you to produce a label which speaks for your company or product and gives it a strong identity.

Our range of Xeikon printing presses are amongst the best quality in the world, providing consistently professional standard labels for any size run. So whether you’re after a small label for a food product or a much larger label for window display, we can meet your requirements and also suggest other options if you are unsure.
Our custom labels mean that we can help you achieve any ideas which you have fully or even partly considered, including extra features such as peel and reveal and multi layered labels which allow you to pack in as much information on to your product. 
For more information or to start designing custom labels for your brand then please get in touch with us today here.