Embossed Labels

Creating a powerful label to catch the eye of potential customers is easier than ever with our fantastic embossed labels. We have been creating high quality digital labels for years. So if you are interested in enhancing your product’s packaging with our award winning label making services, give our friendly and dedicated team a call today on 01902 365840.

What Is An Embossed Label?

An embossed label is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your product’s label. Embossing can be used to create a variety of 3D effects for your labels. When combined with other techniques such as foiling this technique can make your product stand out from the rest on the supermarket shelf, inspiring a purchase.

A selection of Products that can Benefit From An Embossed Label

Numerous products could benefit from an embossed label, but here are a few examples of products and scenarios in which an embossed label would be useful.

  • A Wine Bottle

    A delicious high quality wine deserves a high quality label. One way you can design your label to be more luxurious is by using embossing. With such a label, you will add more detail, creating a label that looks sophisticated and as such, it can inspire a potential consumer to pick up your bottle and read more about the ingredients and the flavours. Our labels increase sales!
  • Luxury Food Items

    If you’re selling luxury food items, for example a luxury brand of ice cream. You want your product to stand above the rest. Create a luxurious high quality label with techniques such as embossing.
  • Whisky Tubes/Boxes

    By creating a unique and beautifully designed label with embossing, you will increase whisky sales .
  • Coffee Labels

    If you want to convince potential customers that your coffee is premium quality, your product has to look the part and one way you can do that is by using embossed labels in your packaging.
  • Candle Labels

    In order to attract customers to your luxury candle perhaps you would like to consider an embossed label. The embossing in combination with high quality packaging can create a very luxurious image.

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