Label Printing Facilities & Plant


At CS Labels, we specialise in monitoring the label printing market and are experts in digital print. Our programme of continual investment means that we can offer our clients a wide variety of print options across a number of platforms, whether it be shorter runs or variable data. We will be happy to discuss the most suitable printing platform to meet your requirements. Whatever your choice, we offer the super-quick turnaround provided by digital technology backed by an excellent service.

We regularly upgrade our label printing facilities to embrace the latest developments in software and technology. Our digital presses use the latest contact fusing technology to provide exceptional high quality (1200 DPI Image) self adhesive labels without the need to produce costly films and plates.

Our Xeikon presses are capable of printing onto a wide range of substrates, utilising CMYK process colours that can be varnished or laminated for use in harsher environments. Additionally they also offer the option of printing an opaque white, perfect for backing illustrations on clear materials and provideing crisp registration, smooth tones with the labels supplied on a roll or in a single format.

Xeikon is one of the most environmentally friendly digital presses in the business and they focus heavily on innovation, as we do. As we are thought leaders and the largest digital printer in Europe to use Xeikon technology, we are constantly being approached by customers to come up with a cost effective labelling solution for specific bespoke jobs.

Below is a list of our extensive in-house label printing facilities in pre-press and production.



4 x Xeikon CX3 Digital Press - Colours 5 

Maximum paper width: 330 mm

Maximum printing Width: 322 mm

Maximum printing length: 55 metres

Maximum printing speed: 30 metres / minute

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1 x Xeikon CX500 Digital Press - Colours 5 

Maximum paper width: 516 mm

Maximum printing Width: 508 mm

Maximum printing length: 55 metres

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2 x Versacamm VS-540  & 1 x VS540S
Wide Format Printer

Maximum paper width: 1371 mm

Maximum printing width: 1346 mm

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2 x Flat bed Kippax Screenprint presses

Maximum print area 1000 x 700mm

Suitable for printing on a wide variety of materials including: Self-adhesive vinyls, pvc, correx, foamex and self-cling pvc.
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Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC500 Label Converter

Web width range - 515mm - 100mm

Rewind Diameter - 500mm Max

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Grafisk Maskinfabrik DC330 Label Converter

Web width range - 330mm - 100mm

Rewind Diameter - 500mm Max 

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GM DC500 Peel & Reveal Label Converterimage-5

Web width range - 330mm - 100mm

Rewind Diameter - 500mm Max

D-Lam / Re-Lam

Adhesive Print

Back Print

Turn Bar

Crossover Unit




3 x GM DC330 Mini (inc. Turret)

Web width range - 330mm - 100mm

Rewind Diameter - 500mm Max








3 x Opal 510mm Label inspection Slitter rewinder

Web width range - 510mm

Rewind Diameter - 800mm 

Dual rewind shafts x2

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3 x Opal 330mm Label inspection Slitter Rewinder

Web width range - 330mm

Rewind Diameter - 600mm 








 Grafisk Maskinfabrik LC330 Compact Laser Die Unit

image-9Web width 330mm

Config Unwind, webguide, lamination, laser-die, semi-rotary die, slit and rewind
Unwind 3" Penumatic OD max 700mm
Rewind 3" Penumatic dual rewind OD max 400mm stepless tension

Co2 laser with a power of 200/400 Cwatt/Pwatt

The laser has a built in digital die plate software allowing plates to be designed directly on the machine or imported from

Adobe Illustrator.

The system features an air curtain for smoke free operation.

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GM Screen

Reel to reel

Flatbed S/P

UV Filter



3 x Arpeco Tracker Slitter Rewinder

2 x 330mm

1 x 400mm

Rewind Diameter - 800mm

20 Ton Pressure Plate



Web Width: 550mm wide

Max Speed: 60m / Min

Smart Lamination

Productivty Pack

Spot Varnish



DC330FB Hot Foil

Web Width : 50-330mm

Max Speed : 45m / Min

Die Plate Range : 2" - 20"

Stamp Plate Size : 330 x 304.8 mm

20 ton foil press





Pouch Converter

Stand-Up Pouches

3 Side-Seals

Tear Notches


Max Width 200mm




Water Based and UV coating line with Corona


image-10Applemac Macinitosh Workstations: State of the art Apple Macintosh computers with all industry standard software including : Adobe Creative Suite, Zepra Colour Control, Callas Pdf Tot Scanning: Scitex Eversmart Jaz and Scanner.

We offer a wide range of pre-press and design services Click Here for more info and price list.