Foiled Labels

With our new finishing machine, the Grafisk Maskinfabrik in-line foil press; we are able to create fantastic foiled labels for your business’s products.

What Is Foiling?

A foiled label is a fantastic way to add some luxury to your digital label. Foiled labels are beautiful and can be combined with other embellishments to create a premium and luxury effect. For example you could combine a foiled label with embossed images to create a printed label with a distinct tactile feel. First impressions count and for many customers, the first thing they see is your label.

Why Should You Choose A Foiled Label For Your Product?

A label is more than just a way to inform a potential customer. It is a powerful advertising tool. If your business’s product is sitting on supermarket shelf, your printed label could potentially attract customers. First impressions count, and a quality digital label makes a great first impression. However, with more businesses making the switch to high quality digital labels, how do you stand out?

One such way is by using foiled labels.

Foiled labels shimmer and shine, this can attract attention. Beautiful gold or silver coloured lettering can help to create a luxurious first impression for your product.

Using foil can be fantastic for a variety of products, for example whisky or wine. When designing a label for these products you want to create an eye-catching design for new customers but also one that is easy to recognise for returning customers so that they can easily spot your product on the supermarket shelf.

If you’re selling a luxury product, it is important that every aspect of your product radiates luxury; including your product’s label. With foil, you can create a luxurious label for whisky, wine and various other products for example, luxury food products such as chocolate or ice cream. Your label is a very important part of your product’s packaging. The packaging is a very important decision, especially with luxury products. If you  choose the correct printed label for your product, you will inspire a purchase.

A foiled label can help create a luxurious image for your product; it will attract attention as the shop lights reflect from the foil. However, a high quality label is not just a method of attracting customers; it is also a method of informing them. With a digital printed label from CS Labels you can design a label that is both beautiful and informative.

The Advantages Of Hot Foiled Labels

There are two common types of foiled labels, hot foil and cold foil. Our new finishing machine enables us to create hot foiled labels which have numerous advantages over cold foiled labels.
Here are some of the advantages to using hot foiled labels:

  1. With hot foil, you can create a very vibrant printed label. This technique can give your label both a premium look, and a premium feel.
  2. Unlike cold foil which cannot achieve fine designs, hot foil can achieve much finer detail.
  3. There are a wide range of shades, colours and different variants of foil to choose from. Whereas cold foil, although sometimes cheaper, offers a reduced range of colours.

Award Winning Labels From CS Labels!

A high quality product deserves a high quality label, so choose an award winning label making company to print your labels. If you are curious about the quality of our award winning labels and would like to inspect them for yourself; no worries! All you have to do is request a FREE sample pack.

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