Using a Guilloche to protect your brand

A Guilloche is used as a type of intricate mathematical design often used as a security feature in printing. It works using a mathematical shape known as a hypotrochoid which is essentially the equation for the fixed point of a circle rolling around inside a larger circle. The very same concept as a spirograph you may have had as a child!

Most bank notes already apply this technique and increasingly it is being used in the commercial world as a cost effective way to add extra layers of security to a product.

Counterfeiting or copying this design is very difficult as creating the specific pattern is dependent on having the exact formula used.




As you can see above there are a number of variables that can be minutely changed to create vastly different patterns.

How CS Labels can help with brand protection

Here at CS Labels we use high resolution Digital printing to provide 1200dpi printing, allowing us to provide the high quality minute detail required for this type of security.

You can even increase the level of security by using a custom spot colour to produce your Guilloche, our Xeikon digital presses allow us to offer 5 colour printing (four process colours and one spot colour) which will prevent counterfeiters from being able to match the colour as well as the design.

Adding a Guilloche is a great way to create brand protection, and if implemented at the design stage could cost you nothing at all.

Contact us today to see if adding a Guilloche to your brand design along with various other digital labels could help.


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