Optically Hidden Images

This is the process of hiding an image or text within the body of another image. The hidden image is completely undetectable to the naked eye and you would never suspect it was even there!

These hidden images only become visible by using a special verification key, typically made of film or a plastic lens. These keys can be generic or you can order a specific key for your product to ensure that the hidden image would be utterly undetectable to anyone else.

Several images can even be added to the same or different parts of the visible image and these can each be set to be revealed by different keys.

The hidden image is added as part of the design process and will have no impact on the cost of production making it a great way to add security to your label or package.

Benefits of Hidden Images

The hidden part is specially formed by a piece of invisible and translucent image. Only the visible part can be obtained through scanning. If others attempt to deliberately extract the hidden part, the protected information is destroyed.

The design and merging of hidden image uses digital technology that prevents reversibility of the hidden information.

Hiding process is completed during pre-press, and does not affect the printing process; and incurs no extra cost.

There are no limitations in process colour, spot colour or non basic colour printing options;

How CS Labels can help

Here at CS Labels we use high resolution Digital printing to provide 1200dpi printing, allowing us to provide the high quality minute detail required for this type of security.

Adding a hidden image is a great technique for brand protection, and if implemented at the design stage could cost you nothing at all.

Contact us today to see if adding a hidden image to your digital labels could help.


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