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E Liquid Labels

One of the Leading Suppliers of E Liquid Labels!

Product features:

With lots of competition from different brands of e-liquid, it is important that your brand has a high quality e-liquid bottle label.

The Power Of A Label

With numerous regulations regarding the advertising of e-cigs, your e-liquid bottles need a a high quality attractive yet informative label in order to attract new customers. Our digital labelling solutions can provide your business with an e-liquid bottle label to capture the eye of a potential customer as they browse the e-liquid brands on offer.

Stand Out From The Rest With A High Quality Label

If you’re trying stand out from the crowd a quality label is a fantastic way to do so. However it is also very important that you provide all the necessary information on the label. For example you need to display health warnings such as that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, you could include a tactile warning triangle; failure to comply with these regulations can be a serious offence.

With our expertise in label making we can provide advice on how to achieve the necessary requirements and ensure your labels pass the legislation.

Fantastic Quality Labels Using Digital Printing

With digital printing technology we can create fantastic quality labels with incredible images.

With the nature of the product there are certain restrictions based on what you can and cannot do with regards to advertising and this includes the label. With digital printing, you can create an eye-catching label and also provide them important information regarding your product.

With our expertise in label making we can provide advice on how to achieve the necessary requirements and ensure your labels pass the legislation. You can download a free white paper on the e-cigarette eliquid labelling regulations for TPD / CLP compliance.

Print A Variety Of Label Designs and Flavours

Often many producers of e-liquid produce different varieties of e-liquid, for example different flavours or different strengths. For this, you can take advantage of digital printing. With digital printing methods, you can print many different types of labels without needing to create different printing plates; making printing a variety of labels an affordable labelling solution, even for short run orders.

You can also add embossing to your labels; add foil effects and more to make your product’s label eye catching to the adults browsing for e-liquid products. We are also the experts in peel and reveal labels - these multi layered labels that can fit more information on to your product when you peel the label back.

At CS Labels we can create a wide variety of printed labels, so if you would like more information please get in touch

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