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Peel and Reveal Labels

One of the Leading Suppliers of Peel and Reveal Labels!

Product features:

  • High quality printing - 1200dpi.
  • Lightfast Toner.
  • Cost effective even for short runs!
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Free press proof on first order.

Peel and Reveal Labels

Our cost effective peel and reveal labels are ideal if you need to print a large amount of information, instructions or different language translations on to a label where space is limited. 

We are proud to be a market leader, and the largest printer in Europe to use Xeikon digital technology. All of our products are all printed in-house using a range of powerful equipment. Our presses are able to produce labels that are up to three-ply and contain five printed sides.

Peel and reveal is a cost effective way of producing labels if you have a lot of information to fit on to the label. Used in product marketing, a clever and attractive peel and reveal label can help enhance your brand and increase sales. And because we are digital, if the labels need to go across a 'range' of product brands, we can easily accommodate this on our presses as effectively each label is unique. 

Our clients use peel-and-reveal labels in many applications:

•    Chemical labelling where a variety of languages can be accommodated on one label
•    Packaging promotions
•    Money off coupons or vouchers
•    Competitions that can also incorporate variable data – unique numbers or codes on each label – for example peel back to reveal if you are a winner

You are only limited by your imagination. For more creative ideas feel free to contact us.

Get it right first time with Peel and Reveal Labels from the experts at CS Labels

It's important to get your artwork right so that your label will be functionally and aesthetically pleasing, and the expert team at CS Labels will advise you on the best way to get the most from your peel and reveal labels.  For example we can advise on the following:

Adhesives – peel and reveal labels are different in that they have more layers than regular labels. Therefore if your product has very curved surfaces or is small (for example a nail varnish bottle), then you may need a suitable adhesive so that the label stays in place throughout the life of the product.

Materials – as peel and reveal labels are more complex, it may mean that a specific material would be the best option to ensure your product packaging looks the part.

Artwork – because these labels have 'layers' you want to ensure that your artwork is adjusted so that the design doesn't show through and spoil the look of the glossy top layer. Our team can advise on the best way of doing this, before you print your labels, and can help you by passing on our special tricks and tips to make your artwork perfect.

Legalities – We are well versed with the upcoming legislation in chemical labelling (CLP Legislation) and the new food regulations (FIC). Getting the information right on your label now, will save you a lot of work in the future, and should the regulation change, modifying your labels is an easy process with digital print, as setup is easy and we offer much shorter runs than traditional print methods. This means you can hold minimal label stock without fear, comply with the law, avoid fines and eliminate costly wastage of label stock.

Why choose digital printing for my peel and reveal labels?

Digital printing is great for short and long runs of labels and is very flexible as turnaround is quick. If you would like to include variable data or unique information then our peel and reveal labels are more than capable of including this.  Our labels have low material costs, and you do not need plates or excessive origination as with traditional printing methods.  Plus digital printing technology is advancing at a fast speed and the quality and turnaround time is always improving.  Finally you can be confident that our labels offer less wastage and material usage - the paper and toners that we use are also very environmentally friendly!


How long until I get my labels?

As peel and revel are slightly more complex than regular labels we work on a 10 day turn around and with a next day courier service for peace of mind.  However we do cater for urgent orders so please ask on ordering should you have and special requirements for delivery.
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CS Labels is a market leader in digital printing. We are proud of our large capacity manufacturing facility and the technology and skills we have invested in, and continue to invest in, means we can offer real value for money and a quick turnaround. All of our peel and reveal products are manufactured in-house, meaning you can be sure that you are working direct with the experts.

We offer digital printed proofs at minimum costs. In addition digital provides a true high quality finish and we can also further enhance your label with special effects or personalised information.

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