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Window Stickers

One of the Leading Suppliers of Window Stickers!

Product features:

  • High quality printing - 1200dpi.
  • Lightfast Toner.
  • Cost effective even for short runs!
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Free press proof on first order.

Window Stickers From CS Labels

CS Labels are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of window stickers.  Our in-house presses enable you to create customised window stickers that are high quality, and suit your application needs perfectly.  The stickers can be created at the exact size and shape, you require including large format.

Clients use our window stickers for a number of applications:

  • Short runs for one-off promotions or campaigns with a limited life span

  • UV lightfast material options so that your stickers have longevity and are resistant to fading from exposure to the elements

  • Quality adhesives to ensure your window stickers can be removed without marking surfaces – we can also supply stickers without adhesive (self cling window stickers) that may also be suitable

  • Options for car stickers, great for advertising or promotion

  • Large point of sale window stickers up to 500mm wide with practically unlimited length

  • Double sided stickers, to add maximum exposure and impact so your message can be seen from two view points. 

  • An option to make the stickers completely opaque, so no ‘show-through’ on the design. This also means you can also include metallic colours on your window stickers

  • Easy personalisation – for example we worked with the ‘Scores on the Doors’ scheme who needed a double sided peel and reveal window sticker for their work in food hygiene. The label had to contain personalised data front and back. The client wanted them high quality without ‘show-through’ so they needed the stickers to be opaque. Printing these by any other method would have been incredibly expensive. CS labels solved the problem using their in-house skills and technology, and we have now printed thousands of food hygiene window stickers for up to 70 councils so far.

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Why choose digital printing for my window stickers?

Digital printing is great for short and long runs. It is very flexible as turnaround is quick. If you would like to include variable data or unique information then our presses are more than capable of easily doing this.  We have low material costs, and you do not need plates or excessive origination as with traditional printing methods.  Plus digital printing technology is advancing at a fast speed and the quality and turnaround time is always improving. 

What is the minimum order?

Here at CS Labels there is no minimum quantity on window stickers

What is rewind or unwind direction?
Window stickers are normally produced as single stickers in a batch, however we can also produce them on a roll. Rewind/unwind direction is how the sticker feeds off of the roll.  If you are having your printed labels machine applied then this is an important factor to consider.  You will most likely need labels printing narrow edge, which means the label, will come off of the roll with the longest part being the width.  If you are unsure you can ask our advice of which will suit your needs best.


How long until I get my window stickers?

We work on a 3-5 day turn around and with a next day courier service for peace of mind.  However we do cater for urgent orders so please ask on ordering should you have and special requirements for delivery.

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If you have any queries or special requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will endeavour to supply the best quote possible, while suggesting the most efficient method or a cost effective alternative.  If you would like any assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.  Either on 01902 365840 or Send E-Mail

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Our Xeikon presses combined with an expert knowledge of printed labels enables us to specialise in high quality, short run four colour process stickers without incurring high origination costs.

We have no minimum order quantity and can offer digital printed proofs at minimum costs. With no films or plates, digital is ideal for customers who require high quality products over a number of sorts or where the window stickers require some form of variable data such as sequentially numbered bar codes or serial numbers.

Our technology enables us to print over19 metres per a minute and growing - and with the high quality finish it gives, you can be assured that digital label printing will provide a fast turnaround with no compromise on quality!

Other typical applications that are handled by our press include pharmaceutical labels, beer labels, bottle labels, asset labels, window decals, various foods and cosmetics as well as household, chemical labels and security printing.

Window stickers are a great marketing and advertising tool. When used to full effect, they can attract potential customers to your store or company, improving business and sales. Compared to other forms of advertising, window and windscreen stickers are a cost effective marketing solution.

If you are looking for quality, full colour window stickers, then turn to CS Labels. Utilising our many years of experience and advanced technology and printers, we can guarantee that you will get a quality sticker every time.

Make CS Labels Your First Port Of Call For Window Stickers

Popular in automotive businesses and marketing campaigns, window stickers are a great way to advertise. At CS Labels we take pride in providing you with the perfect solution for your business.

•We use digital Xeikon 3300 presses which enable us to produce superior quality window stickers

•There is no minimum order quantity, and we can cater to both short and long runs

•We can produce double sided stickers

•Our window and windscreen stickers are UV lightfast, which means they will not fade from sun exposure

•Stickers come with removable adhesives, so they will not mark surfaces

As we use digital label printing, our origination costs are low. You can also choose whether you would like your stickers on a roll or in single form.

Quality Digital Windscreen Stickers

At CS Labels we know that we have a cost effective and high quality solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for a single run one off promotion sticker, or large windscreen stickers for advertising your services, our digital labels are the perfect choice for your business.

If you have any questions about our window stickers please feel free to contact us. We offer a free, no obligation quotation service, providing you with the most efficient and cost effective solution for your business.

If you would like to request a free sample or quote, get in touch today!

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