Quality AND Hygiene Policy
The Senior Management of CS Labels Limited is fully committed: -
  • To the requirements as documented and implemented within the Management System which is compliant with the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, Issue 5 and ISO9001-2015. 
  • To ensuring that Screen Printing and Manufacture of Digitally Printed Self Adhesive Labels are produced to our customer specifications and any relevant legislative requirements. 
  • To ensuring that the company operates working practices which continually ensure product safety, legality and regulatory compliance. 
  • To ensuring our customers receive the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction through continually monitoring and reviewing the processes and procedures we operate, maximising internal efficiency and enabling continual improvements to be realised. 
  • To ensuring that all employees are made aware of this policy and understand its relevance to CS Labels Limited and their specific responsibilities in achieving it. 
  • To ensuring that this policy and documented management system is reviewed at regular intervals to maintain its continuing suitability and the resources required to maintain compliance are allocated. 
  • To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals
Simon Smith
Managing Director
Document Date Affected
Details of Change
                         Updated to show change of BRC STD
Paragraph 1
Updated to include ISO9001-2015 and specify digitally printed labels
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