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CS Signature is a consultative service providing additional support on specialist projects. Our account managers, studio and production teams will work with you to problem-solve and create solutions, transforming the label into something spectacular.  As part of the process we will work with your artwork to propose the following:


Material type






Shape or size


The quality of the material.

It goes without saying that a luxurious product will need a label that is made from high-quality material. Think about the type of finish you would like and how it will present the design elements of your brand in the manner that you would like.

The importance of colour.

With the vast majority of consumers using colour to help them to decide to buy a product, labels must contain colours that are attractive and eye-catching to anyone who may be browsing. Colours such as gold, black and silver are considered to offer a luxury look to anything that they’re applied to. Therefore, if your product uses any of these colours in its design, you’ll be creating a positive visual impact upon a consumer.

The label’s design elements.

Seeing as the product that you’re trying to sell is a luxury one, then the text and images that the label contains must reflect the same qualities. In regards to the amount of content on the label, it’s always best to keep it to a minimum, as less will say more if the appearance of the label is attractive enough. If you can keep the design simple, yet striking – this is where adding a final embellishment can help to push home the idea that the product is indeed a luxury one.

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