The Signature Range?

When packaging a product what needs to be considered?

Target market
Required information
Cost of packaging in relation to product

But when deciding on how to execute the design into a label, the options available can be overwhelming, especially if it’s a new product, or the design has changed.



How to decide

Ultimately, the impression on the consumer is paramount.  The product label needs to draw attention to it and away from its competitors on the shelf.  Brand followers will have awareness and will recognise the brand on the shelf but a well-executed label can create new engagement and bring added value.

Most premium products are presented using high-end packaging materials and processes.  Labels are no different.  A premium label with precision gold foiling, embossing, specialist spot, raised or textured varnish or even a peel & reveal with special elements can elevate the richness bringing added value, and help justify the cost of the product.  For a luxury brand or product, you need a luxury label.


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