Introducing our new Xeikon 3500 press.

As part of the continuing expansion of our facilities we are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Xeikon 3500 digital press to add to the two Xeikon 3300 Presses we currently use.

The new model expands the width of the labels we are now able to produce from 330mm to 500mm wide and just like the Xeikon 3300 model the new 3500 model is packed with features to ensure it produces the highest quality digital print.


Advantages of using our new Xeikon 3500:

  • Full rotary technology combined with variable repeat length that allows printing at maximum speed, regardless of the size of the labels.

  • Print labels and packaging of different formats and sizes in the same run.

  • Print speed is unaffected by the number of colours used.

  • The larger imaging width increases the scope of applications and boosts productivity.

  • The unique combination of 1200 × 3600 DPI addressability and 4-bit variable dot density offers rich colour depth and subtle contrasts. Sharp and crisp details enable adding micro text, for instance, to prevent counterfeiting.

  • The Xeikon 3500 uses the Pericles screening library. The screen ruling can be adjusted for every image element, resulting in images pleasing to the eye.

  • An inline densitometer enables us to calibrate our press to ensure uniform and accurate colours and colour consistency between jobs and between presses.

  • The four process colours plus one of a range of standard or custom-made spot colours provide an extended colour gamut.

  • One-pass opaque white helps to create immaculate images on transparent and metallic label stock.

To find out more, or to see if the Xeikon 3500 could be the perfect tool for your label print needs get in touch with our sales team today!