CS Labels first in UK to implement new Xeikon Colour Control.

As part of our commitment to keeping on the absolute forefront of new technology we are very excited to be the very first company in the UK to use the revolutionary new Xeikon Colour Control system.

Xeikon Colour Control is a powerful new colour management tool for label and packaging applications. This new colour management tool enables us to offer our customers repeatable and predictable colours and the best simulation of custom spot colours possible.

Xeikon Colour Control allows us to create a colour profile from each of our Xeikon presses and create colour tables for specific colours. Having printed a target, the measured values are uploaded to a central server where a new profile is created, together with a library of named colours. These are then installed on to each of our three Xeikon Digital presses where they can be applied to all incoming jobs.

What does this mean for you and your labels

Xeikon Colour Control enables our customers to have much better control over their output quality and match the output with conventional jobs that have been printed previously. Print samples can be scanned and matched specifically to the press used as well as the medium printed on. Put simply it is the most powerful way to recreate the exact colours you want!

Complete colour workflow management tool

Xeikon Colour Control does a lot more than generating spot-colour tables. It manages a printer’s complete colour workflow: allowing us to generate a new profile for every medium we print on, for every press within our environment. It helps our printers to generate the best simulation of industry standards.

In today’s competitive environment, print buyers are asking their suppliers for highest quality and accurate reproduction of brand colours, With Xeikon Colour Control, our customers now have a smart and easy way to reproduce even their most complex jobs – the ones with highest colour requirements. With minimal time and effort, they can now profile their environment and ensure customer’s specific colours can be reproduced with the closest possible match. It’s one of those small, but powerful tools that makes our customers’ lives easier,” Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Management at Xeikon.

For more information, visit www.xeikon.com.