The ecologically responsible solution


When designing new products, Xeikon takes key environmental issues into account.

The digital principle
Follow our lead and ‘print only what you need, reprint when needed’ reducing waste through minimal production, down sizing storage space and thus decreasing costs.

Reducing the recycling cost of Xeikon products and solutions, meeting environment related product standards and customer requirements and minimizing the environmental impact during product life cycle are Xeikon’s eco-goals.

Design strategies
Xeikon aims to attain its eco-objectives through raw material substitution / reduction, process efficiency improvement, energy usage and life cycle / product disposal optimisation.

Xeikon digital press versus offset
Digital print guarantees a significant reduction in raw materials as well as energy and water savings. What’s more, this printing process doesn’t cause water pollution and enables easy paper recycling thanks to its ‘good deinkable’ grade.

Produces no hazardous emissions of VOCs & contains no harmful chemicals 
No water pollution as Xeikon do not use any process water Materials are guaranteed to be recyclable as the toner can be easily removed
When developing new products we are guided both by environmental objectives and key design strategies.