Environment and Sustainability

CS has always been environmentally conscious

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are consistent priority topics in product manufacturing, especially packaging.

Businesses now have environmental targets as well as financial, and the responsibility of being eco-conscious is now important not just for the manufacturer, but on the supplier / retailer and also the end consumer.

CS has always been environmentally conscious and factors environmental impact, and carbon footprint into all planning and technological upgrades.  We also aim to improve year on year where possible.

Currently CS has the following routes to aim to deliver the most environmentally friendly services:

  • Digital print – Xeikon presses are one of the most environmentally friendly in the market using non-toxic dry-toner
  • Toners are produced using green electricity and are much better for the environment than traditional inks
  • Zero to landfill – All of our waste is repurposed to generate new energy
  • LED active lighting
  • Grade A EPC for our print facility
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Many of our fleet cars are electric

Did you know...?

Digitally printed labels are far superior alternative to traditional screen, flexographic and lithographic printing methods for carbon footprint and general environmental friendliness. This is due to there being no setup manufacturing requirements, e.g. tooling or plates.

Also, due to the flexibility that comes with digital printing, businesses only tend to order what they need, comforted by the knowledge that if a change is required to the label design, there aren’t any associated costs to re-design and replace plates.  By ordering to requirement, excess and unused stock avoids landfill, and wasted energy and expense is also avoided.

What about recyclable materials?

We manufacture labels printed onto recyclable materials such as paper as well as PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene).  However, the impact isn’t the raw material, it’s the adhesive (what makes the label stick).  It’s a challenge for all label manufacturers and industry globally.  But there is a silver lining….

The low carbon footprint that comes with Xeikon digital print, paired with an environmentally conscious company such as CS gives our customers a head start.  The labels we manufacture have less impact on the environment, and have already completed a journey of consideration.  We’re only ever going to get more efficient as technology advances.

We’ve been printing labels for over 40 years

Saving Time, Reducing Waste, Saving Money.