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CS Labels a very active supplier to the vaping community (often through our E-Liquid label brand).

With the vape market’s ever-growing popularity, we know that manufacturers and brands want to stand out from the crowd with attractive packaging, whilst also complying with the changing laws.  Our product labels will help your brand to conform to the e-cigarette labelling regulations set out by the government so you can be sure you are on top of your game legally.

Whether it’s a smartly designed regular self-adhesive label, a layered peel and reveal label, we can cater for all of your needs and also ensure that you are on the right side of the law.

We have the capacity to cater for your volume, whether that’s hundreds, thousands or millions of labels. Features such as multiple sorts, flavours, strengths and bottle sizes (including even the smallest of bottles) are made easy with CS Labels. We are the genuine experts with digital print!

We can also offer impartial advice on how to optimise your artwork to really make your e-liquid labels stand out from the crowd! We also offer foil, embossing and other special effects – just call or e-mail or contact us via the website to see what’s possible.

Technical Specifications

Depending on your vape product, may it be bottles of liquid or juice, the e-cigarette device, tanks or accessories, your label will most likely need to communicate some kind of instruction on a label. There a multitude of material choices ranging from paper, kraft paper, Polypropylene (PP in white, clear or silver) or Polyethylene (PE), each with their own advantages depending on how you want your label to look.

Every bottle of e-liquid and its packaging has to comply with the ‘Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply Regulations’.

There is much confusion as to what legislation applies to what product and as a simple rule of thumb, there are two main guidelines to work within; that of CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) and TPD (Tobacco Products Directive).

So basically, the labelling of vape products need to comply with both legislations. In basic terms, “What’s on the box, needs to be on the bottle and specification sheet”. It’s simple really! Each unit packet must contain the Government legislation & TPD.

If you’re unsure about how to manage the content of your vape label, speak to our Sales team and ask for a Vape specialist who can support and guide you.

  • Our printing capabilities can also offer multiple versions of the same product – eg. different flavours and strengths of e-juice, on the same print run. This saves time and money.
  • We can advise you on overprinting with batch numbers and dates, or we can actually print this information for you automatically as part of your order.
  • We’re one of the UK leaders in peel and reveal labels. These multi-layer labels can help you to fit lots of information on to the label, as well as looking great. We offer traditional layered peel and reveal labels or perhaps you could utilise our innovative wrap-style label option.
  • We’re also able to print tactile warning triangle vape labels using our screen technology.


    Vape Labels FAQ's

    We are also the UK market leader for multi-layer peel and reveal labels.
    These are perfect if you need to fit more information on your vape e-liquid bottle.

    We can have cutters made specifically to the shape and size required.