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Foil Block Label Embellishment

Foiling or Foil Block Embellishments are fantastic ways to strengthen your product range and give them a premium finish.

CS offers a host of label embellishments to enhance our high-definition print.

Foiling, also known as hot or cold foiling is applied using a foil block to apply a foil substrate through pressure (and heat if applicable) to specific areas to the label artwork to elevate the design and deliver a luxury detail.

Compatible with solid foils, metallic and holographic foil stocks. The options available span all colours and shades with opportunities to also create bespoke foil designs.

Foil Block Options

Brass Foil

Foil blocks can be created for several material choices, each with its own pros and cons.

  • Suitable for long print runs
  • Extremely durable
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Brass foil blocks are excellent for both simple and complex images
  • Fine details can be applied
  • Used for holographic foils in security applications
  • Costly, but delivers good added value.

Copper Foil

  • Suitable for medium to long runs
  • Not suited to finer details/complex foiling artwork
  • Less costly than brass, but is less durable

Magnesium Foil

  • Ideal for short print runs
  • Less costly than brass and copper
  • A versatile material, but blocks are single-use
Brass Block
Copper Block
Magnesium Block
Single Cask Set

"Demonstrating real value and quality starts with a product’s packaging. When integrated into the design by a multi-disciplinary team, foils help the pack and label truly represent the product inside, making it more likely to generate consumer interest and appeal among its target markets."

Quote source: Packaging Strategies blog titled Luxury labels drive packaging innovation

Label Foiling Types

Solid Foil

Solid foiling is the most common foiling type.  Used to deliver a premium look and feel, high-end brands use this embellishment type to bring added value to their packaging.

Bevelled / Fluted Foil

Fluted Foil offers a texture within the foil delivering additional structure through edges, bevels and facets.  All applied during the manufacturing process through a single pass.

Security Foil

Security foiling can incorporate a bespoke design (e.g. company logo or name), or include a stock pattern.  This is a great way to protect products from counterfeiting.

Textured Foil

Textured foil adds depth and light. Subtle or bold, depending on chosen foil stock, they can highlight small areas or really deliver a deep, visible texture to your design.

Fluted / Faceted Foil

Faceted dies are a variation style that can be used in a combination die.  Rather than being a flat top emboss, they meet to a point (facet).  These can again be used in combination with a textured finish.

Other Label Embellishments

There are a number of label embellishments available that can be used to enhance the finish of your digital label.


  • Embossing - creating raised areas on your label design - also compatible WITH foiling.
  • Debossing - a 'punch-in' area of the label design.
  • Raised tactile screen - Applying a high-build varnish to areas of the label design to add texture.
  • Spot varnish - Highlighting specific areas of the label design with a matt, gloss or textured varnish.

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