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The UK’s leading digitally printed label manufacturer

We’ve invested in some of the world’s best printing equipment to be able to bring you cost effective ECO-FRIENDLY DIGITAL PRINTING



We don't charge you to set up our printers because we invest in the best equipment to bring you super fast lead times, offering a flexible bespoke service for any budget



At CS Labels we use the latest advancements in digital printing technology, offering the best print quality with the most environmentally efficient materials.



We offer a flexible, award winning, JIT (just-In-Time) bespoke service for any budget. Get in touch today to see how we can help you utilise floor space and budget efficiently.

CS provides its award winning, value added, high quality labelling with all of the advantages to Digital Manufacturing. An innovation-lead environment means that we offer our customers the best possible solution to their requirements.

We’ve been printing labels for over 40 years

Saving Time, Reducing Waste, Saving Money.

CS labels Ltd is a true, world class, technology leader for digital self-adhesive printed labels and packaging. One of the largest manufacturer of digital printed labels in Europe using Xeikon technology, CS labels works with organisations of all sizes from large global FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies to SME’s and start-up niche businesses in Food and Drink.


When designing new product labels, follow our lead and print only what you need, and reprint when needed.  This on-demand method reduces waste through minimal production, negates the requirement for additional storage which in turn decreases costs.

Xeikon branded products and technology are one of the most sustainable available in the market today and we’re proud to be partnered with such an eco-centric brand.

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Looking for pouches?

CS Pouches is a division of CS Labels and a market-leading manufacturer of digitally printed flexible pouches.

Operating from its purpose-built site in Wednesfield (Wolverhampton), our production site is filled with the latest digital print and bespoke conversion technology to deliver our award-winning flexible pouch solutions.

Innovation is always at the top of CS Pouches’ agenda and we are constantly evolving our products and processes in a way that truly differentiates us from our competitors.


The Signature Range

An award winning, specialist consultative service
dedicated to helping you deliver the strongest message to your customers.

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- 4 days ago

Check out our new case study."Not only have they offered us a great printing solution, they’ve also helped us reduce the costs of our labels significantly.”Read more via the link below.....https://t.co/9NJW8qMMmx https://t.co/a0s963Go83
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- 6 days ago

Look at these fantastically vibrant bottle labels from @naptoncidery! We loved seeing these coming off the press, but enjoy seeing them in their full glory even more! https://t.co/3YDDwSbOBe

- 7 days ago

A label is never JUST a label! Read more in @brewingbusiness with special reference to the FABULOUS @StewartBrewing label for The Collector Gin.Brewing & Beverage Industries Business - Summer 2020 - Issue 17 https://t.co/nlc3qtRc2C via @issuu

- 11 days ago

Our Production floor has been really busy this month! Along with the installation of some new technology (more news on that to come!), we've extended our mezzanine floor and installed a couple of rooms for something truly exciting! #InvestmentInInnovation #Progress #NewsToCome https://t.co/U9nXEZpvyO
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CS Labels EeLnRr4XoAAOeBN Home
CS Labels EeLnRr7XoAEWYdV Home
CS Labels EeLnRsXXgAAkdRk Home

- 12 days ago

When there's an increase in demand for something that you can't quite deliver, what do you do? Here at CS, we invest in innovation, technology, and grow our offering so that we can deliver unique solutions to more customers.Want to know more @CSPouches? call us on 01902 365840 https://t.co/yUA0NRo9U7

- 27 days ago

These labels look fantastic on the cans!!!#WeLoveBeer! https://t.co/hIamtrL0wg