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Animal Product Labels

Pet owners want the best for their furry (and fishy!) friends. Make sure your pet products make the right impression with the CS Labels treatment.

  • 100% DIGITAL

What are Animal Product Labels?

It’s no secret that we’re a nation of animal lovers and hobbyists. If you google “pet Products” there are over 16 billion results, so you can imagine that the products available on the market are huge.

Pet products include food & treats, pet grooming and care products, medicines and supplements, toys and housing accessories (such as cages, straws, feeders etc) and they all require some kind of labelling be it on the actual product or its packaging.

What better way to promote your product than to have an image of the related animal on the packaging? At CS we use digital presses in high definition to make our labels stand out.

For pet food, there are legal requirements regarding the information that's required on the product label:

  • Product name
  • Net quantity
  • Supplier or manufacturer name and address
  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional information
  • Feeding instructions and directions


Technical Specifications

Labels can be manufactured in the following materials:

  • White Polypropylene (PP)
  • Silver Polypropylene (PP)
  • Clear Polypropylene (PP)
  • White Polyethylene (PE)
  • Matt Paper
  • Semi-gloss paper

Polypropylene (PP) has more flexibility and durability than paper. Both material types can be varnished or laminated depending on its intended use Laminating your label may involve more cost, however will deliver a much higher durability. If you need a promotional label to be removable, there are special adhesives for this too!

Pet label colours, sizes and shapes depend on the brand and application. For example, a pet supplement such as dog vitamins to support healthy bones may be shaped to fit the bottle or box. It may be suited to a peel and reveal to include full ingredients to ensure product labelling compliance, whereas a label for a fish tank might be an eye-catching shape, in a bright colour with a peel-off label where the adhesive doesn’t leave a residue.

In retail environments wall or window stickers (link) are always a great way to draw attention to promotions. Imagine a 3 for 2 offer on a range of caged animal products. Information can be temporarily displayed, and then products on the shelf be labelled. Once the campaign has expired, the labels can be removed. It’s a really great solution.

Read our case study on JD Pet foods and their Claude & Clarence branded pet food. CS labels supplied labels for their feed bags. Their food bags were a standard design, but the labelling was designed to be consistent, but communicate the specific information about the product inside the packaging!

Another option for pet food and treats is stand-up flexible pouches. Discover the benefits of using stand-up flexible pouches by checking out CS Pouches, where there are several testimonials on why CS is perfect for your pet brand.

What Label Sizes Are Available?

We create labels to your specification! Stock cutters can be used or ordered. Alternatively, if you have a selection of shapes and sizes, laser cutting may be more suitable.

What If I Can’t Fit All of The Information onto The Label?

There are various solutions available to tackle this. Peel and reveal labels are often used to move the chemical information, and other required information on a cleaning product label.

What Information Do I Need to Have on My Pet Product Label to Keep It Compliant?

It depends if your product is intended to be consumed or not. Why not seek advice from either the FEDIAF or PFMA.

Will It Be Expensive to Print Labels for Each Flavour?

At CS we print digitally. This means that along with our low minimum order requirements, we can run multiple print jobs, for example, different food or treat flavours in the same run making it quicker, cheaper and of better quality. Speak to our sales team to find out more.