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Double Sided Labels

Single ply labels are the most common type of label, but did you know that double sided labels are available?  You’re not limited to text types, colours or imagery.  From the front, they look just like a standard label, but they’re not!!  Why not surprise or excite consumers or use it to communicate more information because the front just isn’t enough space!

Do you love your design on your clear product, but hate the “boring” information that you have to include? Use the other side!!! E.g. You have a beautifully fragrances bottle of hand soap. The front is colourful and informative but visible through the bottle is the information, directions for use and chemical composition.

    Double Sided Labels FAQ's

    A double-sided label has print on both sides of the label. This means that text, imagery or anything else required on the label is printed on the front and on the back under the adhesive.

    To make the most of this label type, it’s best used on clear surfaces (such as clear glass or plastic) where you can see through the contents to the other side of the container, e.g. a water bottle.

    There’s double the surface area to use! This also means that you only need one label instead of a front AND back label.