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Double Sided Labels

Double sided labels are manufactured by taking one single-ply label and printing on both sides of it.

The design and information on the label can be viewed by looking at the front and back of the product.

From window stickers to enhancing bottle designs, standard reverse printed labels have multiple uses.

Manufacturing Process Of Double Sided Labels

Here at CS Labels, in order to create the inside facing part of the double-sided label, we begin with reversing your label design for your packaging in our in-house studio. We then use a 4-colour printing process on a clear gloss polypropylene.

The clear gloss polypropylene acts as a barrier that encapsulates the print so that the image can be viewed from the adhesive side.

The clear gloss polypropylene can either be removable or permanent adhesive, depending on your needs. Removable allows for the entire label to be peeled off, for example, if the label contained materials which were not recyclable.

Manufacturing The Inner

When manufacturing the inner facing part of the double-sided label, and If you are looking for a blockout (so the reverse image cannot be seen), we laminate a layer of thin 30 mic silver pp to the clear gloss polypropylene before adding the outward facing print layer.

To achieve this, we use our 4-colour printing process to print the image onto a white print layer. For labels that are required to be metallised, we use an alternative method to print the outward-facing graphics.

Manufacturing The Outer

The next stage of manufacturing comes with the outer label. This is the side of the label which is facing most visible to consumers. In some instances, the outside label will include technical information. Though this is dependent on the design, product and the desired functionality of the label.

Protecting The Outward-Facing Label

A protective coating is added to the outward-facing graphic so the label doesn’t get damaged; thus allowing for the label to still be readable at all times. An example of this would be if a wine bottle were to have a double sided label with a protective coating, the digital label itself would still be intact even after it has been in contact with cold water or ice.

The outer facing layer can be made from a variety of materials depending upon the application. Embellishments aren’t specific to Tintoretto gesso paper and can be used to add enhancements to any material.

Spirit bottle manufacturers can add embellishments such as hot foil spot varnish or clear spot uv to enhance the design of their bottles. It allows a seemingly plain bottle to have a design and stand out.

Enhance Your Product Label To The Next Level

The outer print of double-sided labels can be coated with a silver pp 30 laminate, offering a high-end and premium finish.

Our added embellishments can include spot varnishing, embossing or debossing and even raised varnishes. All of which can be used to create the high-quality labels you desire.

Ultimately when consumers spend more money on products, they are making an emotional decision. Tapping into this will allow you to charge higher prices for your products.

If consumer food packaging has double sided labels it makes the product more intriguing (in some cases) as consumers do not know what is behind it.

Sometimes it can be used to obtain a promotional code to win prizes, Or in other cases, it can hold additional information that wouldn’t fit on the outer label.

The Impact Of Double Sided Labels

The impact of food packaging on the environment has long been an issue. As a result, food manufacturers are constantly trying to think of innovative ways to reduce packaging. Double sided labels allow for all the information to be included in the packaging even if the packaging size is reduced - better still, there may no longer be a need for additional packaging.

Utilising Double Sided Labels Across A Number Of Products

Spirit bottle labels and gin bottle labels utilise double sided stickers to enhance clear glass bottles. The inward facing graphic on the bottle can act as a backdrop for the front label and also stands out on the shelf amongst other competitors.

The use of this label type can be used to encourage the consumer to not only purchase the bottle but help market the product in a way that it creates a talking point for consumers when the product is different from the rest.

Perfume bottle manufacturers use double sided labels on their bottles to make them look high-end, luxurious and stand out. When purchasing perfume, consumers take into account the scent and the bottle. Having perfume bottles with unique and attractive labels will make a statement when it is placed on the consumer's vanity amongst their cosmetics.

Some water bottle label manufacturers also make use of double-sided labels to create engaging graphics. Sometimes these water bottles are targeting the younger ages whereby graphics can be seen on the outside of the bottle and through the inward-facing label.

CS Labels Double Sided Labels

How can double sided labels create an impact on your products?

    Double Sided Labels FAQ's

    A double-sided label has print on both sides of the label. This means that text, imagery or anything else required on the label is printed on the front and on the back under the adhesive.

    To make the most of this label type, it’s best used on clear surfaces (such as clear glass or plastic) where you can see through the contents to the other side of the container, e.g. a water bottle.

    There’s double the surface area to use! This also means that you only need one label instead of a front AND back label.